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u843882755794704 11 December 2017

Advantages: nono

Disadvantages: is the most fraudulent CFD out there, these people have no respect for its clients.

Comment: I made an account and the guy from X forex called me his name was JAck then my account was transfered to someone called Jeff Miller he was so nice and called me again and again when I was losing money, then he asked me to deposit 1000$ so he can assign a broker, I put that amount and since then there is no support and the broker cost me to loose all the money I tried contacting them but there is no support. I did check leaprate.comYou cant event Withdraw money and all the email accounts are fake even the number from which they call if you try to contact on the numbers from which you received call earlier non of them will be in service. Always check forex brokers or on similar platform before opening account


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