Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

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Crypto Brokers: Evolution of Forex Brokers in 2020
FX agents, just like any other business, have to stay ahead of the game in order to survive and thrive. The FX industry is especially competitive. For one, there is a lot of potential for everyone involved given the $5.1 ... Read more >>
To The Moon: Most Promising Asian Crypto Companies 2020
When people think about the finance industry, the focus is usually on the US and Europe. This is a completely natural leap considering that these are the most developed nations and global centres of finance. But things a ... Read more >>
Swiss Banks Start Offering Crypto Trading To Their Clients
At first, big banks were skeptical about cryptocurrencies, shying away from investing in coins and discouraging their customers to do the same. Now it seems things are changing somewhat as swiss banks begin to offer cryp ... Read more >>
Will Crypto Trading Become Popular in Islamic Countries?
As cryptocurrencies grow ever more popular around the world, their presence is causing different reactions among users and governing bodies. One segment of users which has had to grapple with coin use is made up of Musli ... Read more >>
OmiseGo (OMG) Coin and Price Prediction for 2020
A lot of companies in the crypto industry made a name in the year 2017. This was the time when coin prices were on the up and up, with many of the top performers rising in value by quadruple-digit percentages. It was als ... Read more >>
Most Secure and Regulated Stablecoins of 2020
The main problem experienced nowadays when dealing with cryptocurrencies is the high level of volatility most coins carry. Cases of flash crashes are common while prices of even the most popular coins sway by double-digi ... Read more >>
Find Out More About Tezos and Its Price Prediction For 2020
Back in 2017, Tezos made headlines after raising the highest amount of funding through an ICO. More than $232 million was raised in the ICO, beating other notable ICOs like EOS, Bancor and even DAO. Tezos managed to do t ... Read more >>
UNUS SED LEO Price Prediction 2020
Trade utility tokens have all the earmarks of being the most sizzling new thing in crypto and they are being touted as a definitive sure thing. Following the ICO boom of 2017, a few cryptographic money trades found anoth ... Read more >>
What is Huobi Coin and its Price Prediction for 2020?
Huobi is a Singapore-based digital money trade made in 2013 by previous Oracle engineer Leon Li. Initially situated in China, the Huobi Foundation extended to Singapore, South Korea, and Japan following China's 2017 Bitc ... Read more >>
THETA Coin Investment and Price Prediction 2020
Most digital coins focus on money transfer, and they have been very successful such as Bitcoin. Many others have also prospered by providing a platform for decentralized apps such as Ethereum, but there haven’t bee ... Read more >>
Trade War and How It Affects Forex Markets
Last week on Friday, October 11, 2019, President Donald Trump announced that the US and China had agreed on a commerce truce. This followed a commerce conflict that has been ongoing for over 15 months between the two lar ... Read more >>
How Libra Coin Will Change the World's Financial System
Coins have been around for over a decade, but none has received as much attention as Libra. This coin was created by FB to make a global currency, much like BTC was supposed to be. Unlike BTC, regulators and even legisla ... Read more >>
Trading with Bitcoin Futures on US Stock Market
2017 was a great year for cryptocurrencies in many ways. Investors saw their coin value skyrocket in triple and quadruple digits, BTC and other cryptocurrencies were legalized in some countries and BTC futures were intro ... Read more >>
Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2020
The coin market has seen drastic changes over the past decade and particularly in the previous 3-year period. Through all this, though, one thing has remained constant – BTC is still King of Coins. Many promising p ... Read more >>
Binance Coin Price Prediction 2019
According to CoinMarketCap, Binance Coin (BNB) is the 6th most popular coin by arena capitalization. It is a relatively new coin in the coin arena but it has definitely got a lot of people interested. Whether you’r ... Read more >>
Will Forex Trading Be Illegal in Future? Last Law Decisions
Considering some of the recent changes to Forex trading laws, it’s understandable why traders may be getting worried. A lot of countries have been placing tougher restrictions around the industry, and naturally som ... Read more >>
Main Features of Canadian, US, Australian and UK Forex Industries
For the past two decades, online retail FX exchanging has become increasingly popular. It’s not that the industry wasn’t available, but because it was very exclusive. Prior to the 21st century, only high net ... Read more >>
aelf (ELF) Network Long-Term Forecast
Despite the total market cap of the entire crypto market decreasing to levels last seen in August 2017, the number of coins is still rising. One of the newcomers in the industry is aelf, which is branded as a decentraliz ... Read more >>
Why ESMA Regulator Bans Forex Bonuses
Remember the days when you could create a new account and immediately be credited with a gratuity just for doing so? Well, those days are now gone, at least in the EU. This is because the financial regulator in the regio ... Read more >>
Forex Trading in Singapore: Laws and popular FX brokers
In recent years, the Forex market has been moving away from the past financial hubs like New York and London. From the previous report by the Bank of International Settlements, daily turnover from these hubs had decrease ... Read more >>
Global Trends of Forex Brokers’ Business in 2019
The past two years have been monumental to the retail FX arena because of the numerous changes that have been implemented. The changes have come mainly in the form of regulatory changes, but we can also observe changes s ... Read more >>
Top 5 Forex Traders Who Became Millionaires
Every one of us knows at least one very rich and successful investor known mainly for their stock picks. For many, the first name that comes to mind is Warren Buffett, currently the third richest person in the world righ ... Read more >>
Trading Stocks in Forex Brokers: Commissions, Swaps, Spreads Research
These days, a trader doesn’t have to limit their opportunities to Forex trading only. Most of the Forex trading companies will also provide stocks, commodities and equities trading all in one place. By offering ass ... Read more >>
Why Professional Traders Prefer Trading Stocks Rather Than Forex
The 16th day of September 1992 will forever be remembered as Black Wednesday because it was the day the Britain withdrew from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). Following the action by the British government, th ... Read more >>
New Forex Brokers Regulations in Russia in 2019
Whenever it comes to the Forex arena, a lot of focus is usually placed on the EU, UK and US. This is because these are the most active regions in the Forex arena and have the most impact to the arena as a whole. Neverthe ... Read more >>
Legalization of Forex Trading in the US: Facts and Trends
Although FX trading is legal in the US, the industry itself has not been as active. If you just count the number of FX agents who offer their services to US residents, the number is shockingly low compared to other regio ... Read more >>
Launch of The Binance Decentralized Exchange Future (DEX)
The crypto markets have become very competitive, and not just for the coin developers who have to come up with revolutionary technologies, but also for the crypto platforms. One of the few companies to come out ahead of ... Read more >>
The Strategy Of Cryptocurrency Whales In 2019
For a normal investor like you and I, a coin trading strategy simply involves identifying a few coins that are about to rise in value and investing in them. However, coin whales have lots of money to spend on their inves ... Read more >>
The Future Of Ethereum In 2019 And What To Expect
Last year, there was a time it seemed likely that ETH could outgrow even BTC in market capitalization. Despite the coin’s valiant attempt to become the largest coin in the market, this dream is now long gone. From ... Read more >>
Will Institutional Investors and Sharks Invest Massively in Bitcoin in 2019?
Ever since coins started to become really popular around the world, say, around 2015, there has been one group of people that have been very cautious to enter the fray – institutional investors. Many of them were v ... Read more >>
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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.
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