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Forex trading system based on the DIBS method
The DIBS method stands for Daily Inside Bar Setup, and it is among the least known yet highly profitable trading strategies. A trader called Peter Crowns, a successful trader who worked on the trading floor at CME (Chica ... Read more >>
Forex profit supreme trading system with snake
Here is a forex trading system custom designed to help you identify and track long-term trends in the markets like a pro. We have tested it ourselves on various markets and timeframes, and it appears to be very successfu ... Read more >>
Trend rider V3 Forex trading strategy
From the name, you can tell that this trading strategy is meant for trading trends in the markets. Trend Rider V3 trading strategy makes use of several indicators to help you, the trader, to identify entry points into lo ... Read more >>
PVSRA Forex trading system
The initials PVSRA stand for price, volume, support and resistance analysis. It is more of a system of trading, this one, than other straightforward Forex trading strategies we have covered before. Being a trading system ... Read more >>
Accelerated awesome forex trading strategy
A lot of trading strategies we have covered in the past may have been a bit complex. I know because in some of those my computer had to take a beat before processing all the indicators. Here is one very easy to understan ... Read more >>
Cycle extremetus Forex trading strategy
We have covered a lot of Forex trading strategies on this website, all of them with their merits. Some are easy to understand because they rely on visuals, and others are simple and use a few indicators. As for this one, ... Read more >>
Breakthrough formula Forex trading system
You may already tell from the name, what this Forex trading strategy represents, and that is the breakthrough occurring in trends. It is a very simple to understand system that can be used on all timeframes and for all m ... Read more >>
PinBar Forex trading strategy
Originally, this trading strategy was referred to as the paint bar Forex trading strategy. This is because it involves the colouration of the candlesticks, as if they have been painted in different colours. Some traders ... Read more >>
Identifying the false breakout trading strategy
In a previous post, we have looked at how you can make money by trading breakouts in the market. This is a very popular trading strategy and also a very successful one, after all, why talk about it. In that same post, I ... Read more >>
How to draw S/R levels like a pro
Few concepts in financial markets are as commonly used and effective as support and resistance (S/R) levels. By now, I am sure you know what S/R levels are, and I will not insult you by defining what they are, as if to a ... Read more >>
The pullback trading strategy
Long-term trends generate the most profits, and everyone knows this. The problem is that you can’t always get in on the trend at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make the best out of ... Read more >>
How to identify harmonic chart patterns and trade them
We have seen before how one can use the Fibonacci retracement tool in their trading, but that was just as a tool rather than an actual trading strategy (Using the Fibonacci retracement). The same principles of the Fibona ... Read more >>
Using trendlines in your Forex trading strategy
Among other very useful tools in Forex trading are trendlines, which are also very common and, thus, very effective. A trendline is, by definition, just a line drawn to visually represent the trend in the markets. Yet, d ... Read more >>
Triangles Forex trading strategy
This is yet another Forex strategy that relies upon the formation of patterns on the Forex trading platforms. Regardless of the platform you’re using, these patterns are bound to form at some point, and knowing the ... Read more >>
Head and shoulder pattern trading strategy
We’re not talking about the shampoo here, although this strategy draws some inspiration from the idea. The head and shoulder (H&S) pattern in financial markets is considered one of the most reliable chart patte ... Read more >>
Forex strategy based on fractals
Technical analysis is all about trying to make sense of the markets, and trying to establish patterns, which can be used to predict future movement. There are many tools used in technical analysis to try and do just that ... Read more >>
Forex strategy on based on MAs
Moving averages (MAs) are among the most widely used technical indicators by Forex traders, which can make for a very powerful trading strategy. At first glance, it may seem like quite an easy strategy, but there’s ... Read more >>
Breakout trading strategies
A commonly quoted trading principle is buy low and sell high, and that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Nobody wants to buy a financial instrument when it has reached a peak, do they? It would make more sense to s ... Read more >>
Abid trading method
I have learned the hard way not to stare at Forex charts continuously, especially if you have an open trade. Two things can happen: Either you start to make money, and as soon as you see your profits start to diminish ... Read more >>
DeMark trend-trading method
This trading system uses the principles created by Thomas DeMark on technical analysis. Thomas DeMark is a renowned trader well known for creating what are now referred to as the DeMark Indicators. Many prominent hedge f ... Read more >>
Trading Made Simple (TMS) system
Who ever said Forex trading has to be complicated and difficult to understand? Probably all those experts you listen to on webinars that offer to train you their successful trading system; isn’t that interesting? I ... Read more >>
Symphonie trader system
This is a trading system used to identify entry and exit points into and out of the markets. It works by analysing the markets and identifying the dominant market pattern. As such, it is useful for trading trends in the ... Read more >>
Best tips on working with Myfxbook
There are many online resources where traders can find information about the Forex market and even learn more about the industry. Myfxbook is one such resource, but we have chosen to mention it because it provides more t ... Read more >>
Secret of Monday's Gap Trading
Gap trading is a common trading strategy that has been widely in use in the stock markets. Because of the after-hours and pre-market trading sessions, gaps were a common phenomenon in the stock markets, not so much with ... Read more >>
How to earn on corrective waves
Corrective waves simply refer to changes in the dominant trend that appear to go opposite to the direction of the trend. They can occur anywhere, which is why all real-time Forex charts appear rugged with up and down mov ... Read more >>
Uncommon technical indicators
Technical indicators are essential for any trader who relies on technical analysis of the charts to know where and when to place orders. Even fundamental analysts can still make use of technical indicators to know their ... Read more >>
Top US binary brokers
You might say there is currently a war against binary options being waged by various countries around the world. Israel is currently considering a law that will ban binary options while countries like Singapore and Nethe ... Read more >>
How to launch an expert advisor on MT4
Expert advisors are among the most innovative features offered through Forex trading platforms, and they can have enormous benefits to the user. If you have never used one before and still don’t know how to launch ... Read more >>
5 tips of opening a PAMM account in the US
Following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the US government felt the need to tighten regulation around various financial instruments. Although they didn’t admit it, the financial crisis was fuelled by the regula ... Read more >>
Use Twitter to follow Forex news and events
Regardless of your feelings toward social media, you can’t deny what an enormous resource it can be. Just think back at the early 20th century when any information was only found in newspapers, and how difficult it ... Read more >>
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