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5 Most Popular Uses of BTC and other Coins
BTC was the first ever cryptocurrency and since it became popular, many others have risen up. At first, coins were only seen as a form of money transfer, which was in fact the main purpose for its creation. However, over ... Read more >>
Changes In Forex Regulation Through MiFID II
Since 2011, the ESMA started to look for better ways to improve financial markets. This is also around the same time the US had implemented the Dodd-Frank Act. By 2014, the final journal was published and the dominos sta ... Read more >>
The Forecast of Monero (XMR) in 2018
There are over a thousand coins presently, but only a handful are worth mentioning. Fortunately, XMR is one of the few worth mentioning, which is why we’re going to look at its 2018 forecast. However, many people d ... Read more >>
PAT in Forex
Here at TopBrokers.com, we get a kick out of every chance to utilize custom technical indicators, and typically suggest some beneficial trading strategies that make utilization of them. Notwithstanding, it is yet conceiv ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Cash Vs. Bitcoin: Confrontation Forecast in 2018
After months of discussion about how bitcoin’s scaling problems could be solved, some developers just decided to go the other way and make their own cryptocurrency – bitcoin cash. At first, bitcoin cash seeme ... Read more >>
Why Traders May Need To Use a VPS Service
There are many resources available to us forex traders. Some of them are absolutely essential like reliable forex companies and forex trading platforms, which you can’t do without. Most are important resources like ... Read more >>
10 Most Important Resources to a Cryptocurrency Trader
In every field, there are specific tools necessary to complete the task. Athletes must have the proper attire and training, artists must practice and perfect their craft, a cook must know their ingredients, and cryptocur ... Read more >>
Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World
When Satoshi Nakamoto published his paper on blockchain technology and launched bitcoin, the main idea was to make a decentralized form of currency. The intention was to create a completely peer-to-peer currency without ... Read more >>
Basic Cryptocurrency Terms You Need To Know
The first time I read about bitcoin felt like reading a foreign language; you’ve probably felt the same way. The problem is that, with new technology, there have to be new terms that describe it; terms that still a ... Read more >>
What is An ICO and How Can I Make Money On It?
This past year has been a good one for anyone involved or even interested in blockchain. Not only have cryptocurrencies built on blockchain technology outperformed the stock market, but they have also become an excellent ... Read more >>
5 tips to forming the most promising cryptocurrency investment portfolio for 2018
I think it’s safe to say by now that cryptocurrencies have been the standout investment platforms of the year. Nothing else has come close to the returns brought in by the virtual currencies, even despite the hurdl ... Read more >>
5 tips to identify the perfect ICO to invest in
The ICO-mania is real, and it is very tempting after you see how much money there is to be made. It has even got to the point where it feels as if there is a new ICO every week, and everyone you miss feels like a lost op ... Read more >>
Top 10 Most Outrageous Forex Market Scammers
Scams in the Forex market have been run since the industry became decentralized, and even though the regulators try to reduce the occurrence, it still goes on. To avoid falling for one, here are some notable scams whic ... Read more >>
How much money Forex brokers make?
As a Forex trader, you’ve probably wondered at some point how much forex trading brokers makes from their business. Or maybe you’re thinking about starting your own Forex brokerage firm that you’re wond ... Read more >>
Alternative Cryptocurrencies beside Bitcoin to invest in
Cryptocurrencies have had an awesome year, with bitcoin making the most headlines. I get it, 1,000% returns in one year is indeed amazing, and definitely worth the attention. However, other cryptocurrencies have also had ... Read more >>
Laws and limits of forex trading in the US
Every country has the right to create their own laws to control how financial markets are run within their borders. In the US, there are 2 institutions responsible for regulating the Forex market, the Commodity Futures T ... Read more >>
What will happen to Ethereum in 2018?
Ethereum has grown very fast in 2018, perhaps even faster than bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Today, it is the second most popular cryptocurrency and the second largest by market capitalization worth just under $30 ... Read more >>
How easy is it to trade Cryptocurrency in the Forex market?
This year, cryptocurrencies have been all the rage after most of them recorded tremendous growth rates. In particular bitcoin has appreciated by more than 500% year-to-date (YTD), Ethereum by over 3,500%, ripple by more ... Read more >>
What will happen to Bitcoin in 2018?
Anyone who has not heard something about bitcoin this year must have been hiding under a rock. This has truly been the year for cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin leading the charge. Other virtual currencies have also been m ... Read more >>
Forex speedometer extreme scalping system
The allure of scalping in forex is in the fun of making quick money, even if in small quantities. Although not a scalper myself, I like to try it every now and then, especially when I find a good trading strategy like th ... Read more >>
Semafor forex trading system
The semafor indicator is one of the most popular custom indicator there is, and I’ve used plenty of them. It is also very reliable if you can understand how to use it well, which is why an entire forex trading stra ... Read more >>
Trading magnum 300 pips per week trading system
The name of this forex trading strategy is meant to suggest what you should expect to get. 300 pips per week is an impressive return, and if you can maintain the same performance all year then you can make a lot of money ... Read more >>
ProEMAGain forex trading system
For a simple to understand trading strategy, you really ought to try the ProEMAGain forex trading system. Not only is it easy to understand, but I have tested it on the MetaTrader 5 strategy tester and confirmed it does ... Read more >>
Autotrend channel trading system for the forex market
After numerous posts about trading strategies for short-term traders back to back, I thought I’d throw one in for long-term traders like myself. If you’re like me, then you know you don’t need to employ ... Read more >>
MHDMT with momentum forex scalping strategy
I hope you all fall in love with this scalping technique as much as I have. Even though I am a long-term trader myself, I appreciate quality strategies wherever I find them. This is primarily a forex trading strategy, al ... Read more >>
Gurusomu forex trading strategy
Very often a trading strategy will be more suitable to one or the other market condition. This Gurusomu forex trading strategy, though, is the opposite and can be used on a variety of markets. It was designed to help tra ... Read more >>
Guppy with triangle forex trading system
Scalpers always have trouble sticking to one trading strategy, and it is understandable. If you make tens or even hundreds of trades in a day, you might be tempted to try something different in the course of the trading ... Read more >>
Super Apit 8 forex trading system
My relationship this forex trading strategy has been one of those love-hate situations. I love it because every time I’ve had the patience to use it, it’s worked out well. Despite my feelings, there is no dou ... Read more >>
Rider EVO forex trading system
Whether you’re a scalper, intraday trader or swing trader, you will appreciate this Rider EVO trading system. It uses a set of indicators useful in spotting trends in the forex market and riding them for profit, he ... Read more >>
XXL forex scalping system
This one of for the scalpers who prefer to take their pips and run to the next currency pair. I know a lot of scalpers who have managed to make a lot of money through this XXL forex scalping system. Personally, it’ ... Read more >>
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