Forex Basics

The 3 Most Trusted Exchange Authorities in The World
The exchange authorities play as much of a role as the brokers they monitor. Due to their importance, it is key to realize who are the best authorities so that you will be able to choose wisely when the time comes. Fina ... Read more >>
7 Powerful Candlestick Patterns to Learn and Understand
There are so many technical indicators you can load onto your trading platforms, expert advisors, etc. but ultimately it comes down to what you see. It is actually possible to do a technical analysis of the markets just ... Read more >>
Changes In Forex Regulation Through MiFID II
Since 2011, the ESMA started to look for better ways to improve financial markets. This is also around the same time the US had implemented the Dodd-Frank Act. By 2014, the final journal was published and the dominos sta ... Read more >>
Why Traders May Need To Use a VPS Service
There are many resources available to us forex traders. Some of them are absolutely essential like reliable forex companies and forex trading platforms, which you can’t do without. Most are important resources like ... Read more >>
Top 10 Most Outrageous Forex Market Scammers
Scams in the Forex market have been run since the industry became decentralized, and even though the regulators try to reduce the occurrence, it still goes on. To avoid falling for one, here are some notable scams whic ... Read more >>
How much money Forex brokers make?
As a Forex trader, you’ve probably wondered at some point how much forex trading brokers makes from their business. Or maybe you’re thinking about starting your own Forex brokerage firm that you’re wond ... Read more >>
Laws and limits of forex trading in the US
Every country has the right to create their own laws to control how financial markets are run within their borders. In the US, there are 2 institutions responsible for regulating the Forex market, the Commodity Futures T ... Read more >>
Best tips on working with Myfxbook
There are many online resources where traders can find information about the Forex market and even learn more about the industry. Myfxbook is one such resource, but we have chosen to mention it because it provides more t ... Read more >>
Secret of Monday's Gap Trading
Gap trading is a common trading strategy that has been widely in use in the stock markets. Because of the after-hours and pre-market trading sessions, gaps were a common phenomenon in the stock markets, not so much with ... Read more >>
How to earn on corrective waves
Corrective waves simply refer to changes in the dominant trend that appear to go opposite to the direction of the trend. They can occur anywhere, which is why all real-time Forex charts appear rugged with up and down mov ... Read more >>
Uncommon technical indicators
Technical indicators are essential for any trader who relies on technical analysis of the charts to know where and when to place orders. Even fundamental analysts can still make use of technical indicators to know their ... Read more >>
How to launch an expert advisor on MT4
Expert advisors are among the most innovative features offered through Forex trading platforms, and they can have enormous benefits to the user. If you have never used one before and still don’t know how to launch ... Read more >>
5 tips of opening a PAMM account in the US
Following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the US government felt the need to tighten regulation around various financial instruments. Although they didn’t admit it, the financial crisis was fuelled by the regula ... Read more >>
Use Twitter to follow Forex news and events
Regardless of your feelings toward social media, you can’t deny what an enormous resource it can be. Just think back at the early 20th century when any information was only found in newspapers, and how difficult it ... Read more >>
Main central bank meetings
The role of any country’s central bank is to keep the economy of the country it represents balanced. This means balancing between ideal market conditions for its citizens while maintaining a competitive advantage i ... Read more >>
What is the S&P 500?
The S&P is only an index of some 500 major companies in the US, but it is also a lot more. Of all the indices in the US, of which there are a few, the S&P has the widest variety of industries included. From telec ... Read more >>
What is Gartley and how to trade with it?
The best technical analysis tools are those that have been tried and tested many times. Given that, what better way to find one than among the oldest ones. Gartley is one such tool that involves the study of chart patter ... Read more >>
Common Forex terms
Below are some common terms used by traders when talking about the Forex markets. Just like all other fields, traders also felt they needed some unique words to describe what they do. If you’ve been reading our reg ... Read more >>
Let’s get on with the Brexit already!
If there’s one thing I really dislike is being held in suspense, and this is exactly what the Brexit process is doing. Ever since the 23rd June referendum in 2016, there has been no significant move to get the Brex ... Read more >>
How to work with the economic calendar
The day the Forex calendar was created should be celebrated by every Forex trader in the world because it is a very important resource. In the past, traders had to keep their own records in their personal calendars so th ... Read more >>
Using the Fibonacci retracement
If you’re a fan of Dan Brown and read The da Vinci Code, then you have already heard of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence can be quickly created by adding a subsequent number ... Read more >>
Looking for market correction
If you take a look at Forex charts, they look chaotic and messy, even when all the experts are claiming there is a strong uptrend or downtrend. There are only very few occasions when you will see a continuous trend in th ... Read more >>
5 secrets of Divergence in Forex
Divergence in Forex trading is actually a very simple trading strategy when you learn how it works. For those who understand the principles of divergence, it can be a very powerful tool in your trading arsenal, but you w ... Read more >>
How to find best Forex spreads
Finding the best spreads to trade at is among every trader’s priority, because the spread affects the potential profits to be gained. However, it can be difficult to find the lowest spreads in the market because th ... Read more >>
Trading stock indices
With so many stocks to trade, it is very difficult to keep track of all of them. What you need is an average of the stocks to help make the decision easier, and this is what indices provide. The first index ever created ... Read more >>
Pivot points strategy
We have already covered the basics of pivot points, but now it’s time to learn about how to include them into your trading strategy. Briefly, a pivot point is a level around where the value of the currency will ten ... Read more >>
How to protect yourself from margin call
Margin is one of the reasons Forex trading has become so common and popular nowadays. It allows traders even with little capital to participate in what would usually be hundred thousand dollar trades at the minimum. Howe ... Read more >>
What’s going on with oil and how does it affect traders
Oil is perhaps the most essential commodity in the world, and it one every trader should be aware of. To begin with, oil worth $4.2 billion is consumed every day, and this represents how much need there is for oil in ord ... Read more >>
What to watch for during the Trump presidency
It’s a new era in the US government with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA. Pundits have speculated that his unprecedented win was due to his promises of reform and change in various asp ... Read more >>
Putting an end to broker bashing
It is easy to blame the Forex brokers for the lack of success by Forex traders, and you only need to look at the broker review forums to assume they are the bad guys. The reason behind this broker bashing is that ther ... Read more >>
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