Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

Forex Psychology

Overthinking in Trading: Strategies to Stay Focused and Profitable
Overthinking in trading is a toxic habit that can act as a mental barrier, negatively affecting one's thinking, behavior, and even personality which can lead to catastrophic consequences in various areas of life, inc ... Read more >>
Improve Focus as a Forex Trader: 7 Strategies to Improve Concentration
Being "in the zone" is a state familiar to many Forex traders, where everything seems to align perfectly and concentration reaches its peak. This transcendent state of complete involvement and trading focus, co ... Read more >>
10 Time Management Tips for Forex Traders
As a part-time forex trader, time is not on your side. The market may be open 24/5, but finding the right time to trade can be a challenge. Just because the market runs around the clock it doesn't mean that when you& ... Read more >>
The Most Common Forex Traders Personality Types
Every forex trader has a unique personality that shapes their approach to the market. From emotions to skills and knowledge, these factors all come together to create a complex and dynamic trading style that requires a c ... Read more >>
5 Most Important Trading Psychology Lessons
Forex trading is frequently compared to a fight between bulls and bears, with market players competing for dominance in the never-ending quest for profits. However, in this fierce competition, the biggest obstacle trader ... Read more >>
Distractions in Trading and How to Limit Them
Distractions in trading are like driving a car on a winding road. You need to stay focused on the road ahead to make the right turns and avoid the potholes. But distractions are like billboards on the side of the road, t ... Read more >>
Psychological Levels in Forex
Forex trading is not just about numbers, charts, and technical analysis. Successful traders understand that there is a human element involved in trading and that perceptions and emotions play a crucial role when it comes ... Read more >>
Understanding Forex Probability
Forex trading can be a lucrative but unpredictable endeavor. With countless variables at play and a seemingly endless stream of news and market trends, it can be challenging to make informed decisions and achieve consist ... Read more >>
What Is FOMO In Trading And How to Avoid It
Forex trading is a highly competitive and fast-paced market where success requires a combination of skill, discipline, and the ability to make confident decisions on the spot. However, one of the biggest challenges ... Read more >>
What Is Psychological Capital And How To Use It In Trading?
When you think of forex trading, you think of money. After all, money is the crucial fuel that drives the trading game. Without it, traders risk sinking and losing their momentum. But what about your mental capital ... Read more >>
How To Develop Trader Mindset?
It's time to reevaluate your trading psychology if you're sick of losing money in the market despite having an excellent trading strategy. Trading is not just about analyzing the market and formulating the perfec ... Read more >>
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Forex Trading
Emotional intelligence is not just a buzzword - it's a crucial skill that can make or break a forex trader's success. But what exactly does it mean? Well, in simple terms, emotional intelligence involve ... Read more >>
Is Forex Trading Gambling?
Is forex gambling? It's a question that's been asked time and time again and one that doesn't have a straightforward answer. Some argue that FX trading and gambling are two sides of the same coin, while ... Read more >>
What Is Sentiment Analysis In Forex?
As traders, we constantly need to keep an eye on the market's ever-changing conditions to make informed trading decisions. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to discern how the market is feeling or where it' ... Read more >>
Support and Resistance Reversals
Support and resistance trading is an easy concept and experienced traders have been relying on this tool for years to determine market direction, track entry positions, and establish profit and loss exit points. So ... Read more >>
What Is Overtrading In Forex And How To Stop It
Picture this: you're a forex trader with a rock-solid trading plan. You know when to enter and exit trades, and you have a well-defined risk management strategy. However, in your eagerness to increase your profi ... Read more >>
What Is Self Sabotage In Trading And How To Avoid It?
Have you ever found yourself passing on a perfectly good trading opportunity, only to regret it later? Or maybe you've noticed a pattern of self-doubt and negative self-talk creeping into your trading decisions ... Read more >>
How To Deal With Overconfidence Bias In Trading
Are you an active trader who believes that your success is due to your superior knowledge, pattern recognition skills, or gut feeling? That sense of confidence can backfire and lead to overconfidence in trading, a c ... Read more >>
What is Revenge Trading and How to Stay Disciplined When Trading
"Revenge trading" - it's a term that's been around for ages, yet it still catches traders off guard. It's when you trade impulsively, fueled by emotions like anger, frustration, or disappointment, i ... Read more >>
5 Ways To Deal With Trading Greed
Fear and greed are the two most powerful emotions that drive prices in any market. Unfortunately, many traders let their emotions get the best of them and end up going down the drain. We've all heard tales of to ... Read more >>
How To Overcome Trading Fear
Just like greed, trading fear can be a real pain in the neck, holding you back from realizing your full potential as a trader. But what exactly is trading fear? Well, it can stem from a variety of sources - the ... Read more >>
Signs You Are Addicted To Day Trading and How to Recover
Are you trading more and more each day, unable to pull yourself away? Do you find yourself sacrificing sleep and personal time for the thrill of the market? If so, you may be falling into the trap of day tradin ... Read more >>
10 Trading Psychology Tips To Help You Get Out Of The Rut
Have you ever wondered why some traders consistently make profits while others seem to struggle, even with similar strategies and market knowledge? The answer may lie in their trading psychology. But what is trading ... Read more >>
10 Best Trading Psychology Books
Trading is a game of wits where the stakes are your sanity and the prize is money. It's a mental battle, and the person who can maintain composure under pressure will win. But, here is the thing, the markets don ... Read more >>
How To Deal With Forex Trading Boredom
Trading is all about the thrill of the game, right?The excitement of making trades with your hard-earned cash and seeing potential profits skyrocket. But let's be real, behind the scenes, it's a lot of work. Anal ... Read more >>
5 Trading Psychology Secrets You Wish You Knew Sooner
Why do 90% of traders fail?Is it always the trading system's fault?Contrary to popular belief, professional traders believe that it's not just the system, but also external factors such as market conditions, and ... Read more >>
5 Common Psychological Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Have you ever been on the verge of a big win in the market, only to have it slip through your fingers? This can be frustrating and disheartening, especially when you feel like you have everything under control. But the r ... Read more >>
3 Trading Psychology Exercises
How do I become a mentally strong trader? This is a question that has troubled many traders, and the answer lies in the field of trading psychology. A trader's state of mind plays a crucial role in their success, and ... Read more >>
3 Tips on How to Include Trading Psychology in Forex Journal
Let's say you're a Forex trader and have been trading for some time now. You've been keeping track of your trades and statistics, but lately, you've noticed that you've been making the same mistakes r ... Read more >>
Trading Beyond the Technicalities: A Guide to Crowd Psychology in Trading
Forex trading is a complex and dynamic field, requiring traders to stay abreast of numerous technical and psychological factors. While technical analysis plays a crucial role in successful trading, it's important not ... Read more >>
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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.