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First version release: 2000 year
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Website: http://www.actforex.com/

The ActTrader platform is intended for trade in the market Forex by various financial instruments. The ActForex Inc company during creation of this platform has applied the newest and most universal technologies of trading. The ActTrader  platform provides the most effective and reliable entry into the market of Forex, including trade in contracts for a difference (CFD), with futures, currency options, forward contracts (Forwards), index funds (ETF). This platform provides to users participation in the Forex market without shortcomings of the "dealing desk" terminal. Construction tools of charts and the analytical ActCharts tools are integrated into a platform.


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Positive review
The acttrader is a platform I only began to use recently because of my broker. It is not I excellent platform, no. The design for the iPhone UI that I have is simple and functional. And It does a very good job of meeting all of my needs as a trader. I like using the platform.
Delmar Robitaille
2023-06-06 в 08:16
Positive review
ActTrader has proven to be an excellent platform in many regards. It delivers a remarkable performance across interface, functionality, ease of operation, system requirements, and reliability. Its easily navigable layout is friendly for users, and alongside its vast capabilities and trustworthy execution, make it the perfect option for traders who desire an effective trading platform.
Derik Boripat
2023-06-05 в 10:28
Positive review
Mastering the ActTrader platform interface may require some initial effort, but with dedication and practice, it becomes easily navigable. At first, the abundance of features and tools might seem overwhelming, especially for new users or those transitioning from other platforms. While exploring and understanding all the features may take some time, the layout is well-organized, allowing users to find what they need with relative ease. The various sections, such as charting, order placement, and acc management, are logically arranged, facilitating efficient workflow once users become acquainted. Also, it offers customization options. Users can customize their workspace on the platform, which enhances their experience by aligning tools and charts with their trading style and workflow.
Josue Obregon
2023-06-02 в 21:55
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