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Trade12 | Positive review
I went to Australia for a few months last year. I was an active forex trader before that but I was only trading with a local broker because Islamic accounts are a little special. We have this law that we should abide to so it's hard to look for just any broker. When I was on vacation a friend told me about this broker. You can practically trade anywhere because they are an international broker. It's also good because they have Islamic accounts available. So I created an account adn it turns out real good. That was since December and I still have it with them. I went back to Pakistan but I never stopped with them. I even transferred my local account to them since I am planning to go overseas again in a few months. Very convenient in my opinion and I could also invest on stocks of other countries
2017-10-17 в 11:12
HotForex | Positive review
I basically started trading a few months ago and i think that broker selection process is the only difficult task in trading business. Before opening account with this broker i got scammed twice however after doing a lot of research i found out that hotforex can be the only broker which had better repute in terms of services so i joined this broker. They also accept whatever amount you deposit so it can be started with small amounts. There are many other commodities to trade and i can say that they are a good broker before i am using it for quite some months and happy so far.
2017-10-14 в 00:09
FreshForex | Positive review
This is my first broker and I still work with him. Its obvious advantages are a zero minimum deposit, MetaTrader 4, has a VIP account. It is convenient to trade here, but it would not hurt to make the upgrade speed faster. 2 seconds is a lot.
Bruce Irons
2017-10-13 в 23:16
Forex4you | Positive review
Currently, there are hundreds of forex brokers and dealing centers working on the forex market, without which it is impossible for a private trader to trade. Basically all companies are similar to each other by their trading conditions, but there are among the brokers those that in my opinion are the best, and one of them is Forex4you . I was very impressed with their customer support, they work professionally. I spent a lot of time looking for a good broker, and I'm happy that I finally found a normal forex broker.
2017-10-10 в 16:24
AVATrade | Positive review
I started my trader's way with this broker. In principle, I put a solid four of this broker: the first deposit is not big, you can trade even through mobile applications, quotes are honest, technical support responds quickly. I did not like the fact that money was being taken out for a long time.
Leon Bridges
2017-10-08 в 15:29

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