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Alpari | Hamish 26 June 2017

Advantages: They have a lot of offers and bonuses

Disadvantages: Some very clever market manipulation

Comment: This broker is a very good crook and I still don't understand how they do it. I demo traded for a number of months, making decent profit and turned my $500 account to $2000. I'm good at this, I though, and made the deposit for $500. No problems there, they were glad to take my money, and then I started losing like every trade. It didn't matter whether the stop loss was tight or not, I was always being stopped out. So I checked with another trading platform, and the figures seemed to match. I'm really confused whether I'm the one who sucks at trading or there is some very clever manipulation. I know they are not FCA regulated since the Alpari UK branch went bust, and I would not be surprised if they are crooked

OANDA | Connie Derrico 25 June 2017

Advantages: Been around over a decade, teaching tools, social updates

Disadvantages: Low leverage

Comment: Oanda is a good broker and it has been active since 1999. I chose them because no fraudulent broker can survive that long in business, and so far I was right. Everything about Oanda trading is effective and efficient, making them the best broker. I hate that I can't get leverage above 50:1, but in a way that also makes sure I don't lose too much money, kinda like an imposed safety net. Even with low leverage I don't want to change because I only see bigger complains about the other brokers, happy to stay where I am

FxPro | Tore Mydske 23 June 2017

Advantages: They have a lot of instruments in stocks, CFDs, commodities and Forex pairs

Disadvantages: They have not added virtual currencies

Comment: Fxpro is just an average broker with ups and downs, but they are not very dependable. Normally I got good spreads and fast execution speeds, but when there was important news the spreads widened significantly all of a sudden. Plenty of requotes and slippage too when market volatility is high. The number of instruments is also impressive, but you won't enjoy all of them unless you have a huge capital. I assumed that because the stocks and commodities were in the form of CFDs the margin requirements would be favourable, but you need a lot of capital to open these positions. On the positive side, the prices listed were accurate all the time, and they were not manipulating the markets. This is why I found them to be a reliable broker, but they are certainly not the best and which is why I only gave 3-stars.


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