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Dean Coleman 03 October 2017

Advantages: good spread, number of trade units, rating

Disadvantages: the brand is not very popular

Comment: I work only with this broker and do not want to look for someone else. There are good spreads, many positions for trading, everything is honest and transparent.

Mike Berlutti 24 July 2017

Advantages: Many products, not expensive, capital requirements

Disadvantages: Big spreads

Comment: Good work IG, you make me have faith in this business again even though my other brokers before were not any good. I don't like spreads that is bigger that other brokers but good there are no commissions. That is not expensive so much anyway. Actually trading is perfection, things go smoothly and it is stocked with products. Money services are also very fast, I use it every week, no problem. I like this brokers

Garland Luczak 04 June 2017

Advantages: Low spreads, professional broker

Disadvantages: None

Comment: I love this broker and have been with them for years, they never let me down, it is one of the few ECN brokers with good spreads. They also have a reputable name in the world with hundreds of thousands of clients, you don't keep such a huge number of clients if you're unfair. I also love how many trading products they have including bitcoin and options, and you can even trade a mini bitcoin which doesn't need so much margin. Pretty much everything about IG is awesome, I can't see a better option anywhere

Adriana Carlock 14 May 2017

Advantages: Reputable company-I'm using the FCA regulated branch

Disadvantages: Higher charges, but not too high

Comment: You know a broker is honest when they give you positive slippage, and I've got this from IG several times. Other good points... their execution speed is very fast and other trading conditions good as well. My only problem is that their spreads are higher than other brokers, and they charge commission for stocks.


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