Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

How to trade with cTrader

Author: Patrick Dresdner
Patrick Dresdner
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cTrader is one of those Forex Trading Platforms, which has appeared on the market recentlyIn this case, we can already say with certainty that this tool is very popular, and demand is growing steadily and rapidly. Designed primarily for institutional traders, this program thought up to the smallest detail and it will be will appreciated by every user.

What are the most notable characteristics of cTrader? Primarily, these are:

  • superior graphics capabilities;
  • almost instant execution of orders;
  • clear and user-friendly interface;
  • rich set of graphic objects.

Also worth noting is that the platform is not considered working with EA MQL, supporting language C Sharp (C #).

Excellent combination of many obvious advantages - that's what makes this program so popular among many traders. Nowadays, it is recommended to use by the growing number of best Forex brokers, so it is the reason to find out more.

Short review

One of the most serious and, as many now say, advanced competitors already become legendary MetaTrader and Quik - so, first and foremost can be characterized cTrader. This tool may equally and effectively be used by a broker and one who is a retail trader. In addition, this program can be strongly advised not only to those who have impressive experience, but also for beginners.

Another significant advantage of this platform - is the possibility of direct trade with it, i.e., through international banks, bypassing the dealing centers and market makers. It  also should be added that the rate of transparency of all operations performed by this instrument, is as high as possible.

There are other advantages of cTrader as well. So, this program can be used not only on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, etc. Especially for this, developer provided its version created for the popular Android and iOS operating systems.

Main characteristics

If you are looking for a professional tool that will allow you to trade as efficiently as possible in the financial markets, you should know: cTrader is able to meet your needs. This, in particular, prove the many reputable brokers, licensed from leading Forex regulators. This program has:

  • a high level of performance;
  • modern design;
  • the ability to run multiple orders.

The entire range of the platform displayed quotations directly determined by capital providers which could help scalpers make money by placing quick orders. As for the filling of orders, it is carried out by VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price).

In addition, this tool has a great number of other features which allow the trader to analyze the situation as productively as possible. It is able to present 3 kinds of information about the extent of the depth of the market, namely:

  • a standard that reflects the combined quotations from suppliers;
  • the price, which is a kind of a ladder system that allows traders to determine the best point to enter the market;
  • VWAP mentioned above, through which one can establish certain volume of trade (especially true for those who operate large volumes).

One should not forget that cTrader enables orders directly - from the chart. Any trader will agree that to switch between screens, quite uncomfortable; as for the interface of the platform we have, it does not have this drawback. Functioning in this manner, it allows:

  • open orders and close them;
  • set the values of SL;
  • introduce restrictive orders, etc.

Also, through these charts, you can get all the necessary information about profit and loss, which are displayed in percentage points and the base currency. As for the types of orders, there is access to any of their variations - as the most popular market and limiting the "feet", and many others, used much less frequently.

Graphical overview

If you have an idea of Forex Charts performance, you probably agree that space for them should be allocated as much as possible. The reason for this is quite simple: a large effective area allows you to arrange all the necessary elements conveniently of the interface and the best way to visualize the technical indicators involved. We note that cTrader meets all the above criteria, and this, in turn, makes it more rational use.

Graphic possibilities offered by this platform are truly impressive. It provides:

  • 14-minute time frame, can satisfy the needs of every trader;
  • 6 zoom levels, each of which is able to show in detail the evolution of prices, as well as make its review;
  • the possibility of changing the size of graphics, etc.

All this guarantees you maximum convenience during operation, and thus significantly contributes to the effectiveness of your activities.

We should also talk about the indicators of the library, which has the program in question. Also, the latter provides for the use of those that are developed by the trader on his own - with the help of C Sharp programming language. In addition to C #, cTrader supports .NET, which allows you to create bots for trading advisers similar to MT.

Two more important pros of this platform - is the presence of function for taking pictures of charts and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other market participants by ChartShorts tool.

Also, it provides all necessary things for the implementation of technical analysis:

  • oscillators;
  • the degree of price volatility;
  • trend indicators, etc.

All of the above tools are available directly from the charts, which makes them very comfortable to use. In addition, you can upload and integrate indicators into one complex - if it is necessary. This feature distinguishes cTrader from a variety of other programs-analogues, which is another weighty argument in its favor.

Also, there is a function that allows you to trade on multiple accounts and by allowing  Account Bar - switch between them quickly. The interface of platform also provides  feedback: with its help you can get competent support from the developer, to offer your ideas and solutions.

Other attention worthy features

As for the software update, it is done automatically and with minimal time. It should be dwelled on the localization of cTrader: it includes 14 of the most popular languages.

It is also noteworthy that the functionality of mobile versions of the trading platform is very close to the "desktop" of its variations: it gives you an opportunity to use this program absolutely everywhere where is a stable wireless Internet. It should also be noted that it provides the possibility to bypass the firewall: it is enough to set the appropriate settings of proxy-connection.

If you prefer to keep the algorithmic trading using a special platform, then here you have an effective and fully ready-made solution, called cAlgo. This platform is not autonomous and being integrated into cTrader, it is able to enhance the productivity of your business by providing:

  • distribution of templates and charts of accounts;
  • extremely simple and fast switching;
  • high stability.

That is why, given all the obvious advantages mentioned above, it is not surprising that many brokers are strongly recommended to its partners cTrader. Among them - consistently holding high positions in Forex Broker Reviews. Functionality of the platform deserves only the best estimates and you can always make sure of this from personal experience.

Program updates for July 2015

Despite the fact that Spotware company, a developer of cTrader, regularly releasing enhanced versions of the platform, about the update for July 2015 should be the first to tell apart. The reasons for this - a few, and each of them will be discussed below:

  • Ease of switching with MetaTrader 4 cTrader. Many users can not get used to the fact that the volume is calculated in units of currency, although this version of the definition is much more practical. It is for them the option of using lots: now the activation of settings is available in this program.
  • The ability to manage all accounts through one. From now on, you do not need to save passwords to all your accounts - both demo and real: now it is clouds function. To enter you just have to type your ID, then you immediately get access to all  accounts. It is also worth adding that a separate authorization in cAlgo is not needed - it is enough to login with cTrader.
  • Lots of options for users. You are free to choose the most favorite kind of design, choosing the right colors and shades of the palette. This is especially convenient for those who are engaged in the analysis, allowing them to form their own, different from other graphic "handwriting". There are also capabilities such as watermarking and background images installing on the chart.

In addition, the developers have paid attention to increasing the trading through the speed of its software. In particular, ECN Forex brokers also confirm this, for which the execution of orders without delay is the basic characteristic of quality. Now, every trader can easily carry dragging of pending orders with buttons Quick Trade - setting the amount of the transaction and selecting the most appropriate market, in accordance with the direction of the trade.

Summing up

We can confidently claim, that cTrader now is the most serious among all the competitors of recognized leader MetaTrader. With excellent functionality and intuitive interface, this program is able to become an indispensable assistant for everyone who wants to achieve significant gains in trading on financial markets.

And, of course, a lot of benefits this platform can bring to you, by all means try it in your work and you will see it for yourself. Finally, we can also add that in addition to installing the program, do not forget to pay attention to the choice of the most suitable broker. Forex broker comparisons (comparison of the professional market, which is regularly published in the Internet) will definitely help you to sort this out.

Watch this video by Spotware, the developers of cTrader, about the benefits of their platform:

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.