Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

How to trade on the Stock Exchange with QUIK

Author: Patrick Dresdner
Patrick Dresdner
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Do you want to monitor the changes in real-time Forex charts as efficiently as possible, as well as to make profitable trades in the Russian and Ukrainian financial markets? In that case, the trading system QUIK - is exactly what you need. Through its broad functional capabilities, it can cope "excellently" with an enormous number of tasks, in more detail it is described below.

First steps

First of all, it should be noted that, despite the considerable number of abilities, this system is very simple and straightforward to use; in many ways, this is why it is recommended by many market participants, who are included in the domestic top Forex brokers. It is really easy to learn how to use it - being not only an experienced trader but a novice.

So, to start trading on the stock exchange through QUIK, for starters, you need to:

  • complete the installation and registration of the program;
  • set up the connection to the server either directly or using a VPS server;
  • implement setting the workspace to suit your preferences.

It is also worth adding that the functionality of the system allows for multiple Windows settings options, screen bookmarks, and data acquisition parameters, as well as useful for many traders - save bandwidth option.

How are transactions made?

As for the scheme by which the client via the broker performs QUIK or other transactions, it may include the following items:

  • determination of the amount, which is available to the client to carry out his planned financial transactions;
  • determination of the limit of funds provisions allocated to the customer as a loan from the broker;
  • an independent choice of the securities by the client for further operations with the - purchase or sale, carried out by sending a broker warrant;
  • Taking orders by the broker, which are executed by the specified conditions (referred to as stop-applications);
  • View all the necessary financial information in "Client Portfolio";
  • work with pending orders, which is provided for the window "Transaction Pocket";
  • freezing of funds on the client account after entering the application - to ensure its execution.

In addition, for the convenience of the operations on the futures market, QUIK provides the presence of the two tables on the client accounts - positions and limits. The first provides information on financial instruments, and the second - indicates the funds owned by a client.

Entry of applications

Now, let's have a brief look at those rich opportunities when you work with orders that this program includes. QUIK is a leader among all Forex trading platforms in Russia and Ukraine. To open the input screen applications, you just need to select the appropriate toolbar button or press the F2 key. Next, let's consider the fields, where filling is required. These include:

  • tool;
  • the trading account;
  • the type of application, the direction of operation, and the price;
  • quantity;
  • customer code and instructions;
  • amount;
  • commission;
  • conditions of fulfillment.

For more information on the features of each of them, you can study the table below.

Required fields

Substitution of values

Key controls


Value from a chosen line of the table

Substitution of values from the list according to the first chosen letters

Trading account

The first chosen in the list

Substitution of values from the list according to the first chosen letters

Type of application (Market or Limited)


“Limited” by default


Operation direction

(“Sell”, “Buy”



To quote the table action is configurable - choose a transaction of quotations or counter to it.

The value of the selected row of the table.


Changing of operation direction by pressing “Space”

Grey “+”, grey “-“ changing for one minimum price step

“Ctrl” + “Grey+” , “Ctrl”+ “Grey –“  changing for 10 price steps


The value set up by default

For the quote table, it is chosen “Select the quantity” (for this price), “Select the sum of the best”

“Page Up”, and “Page Down” changing for 1 lot, “Ctrl” + “Page Up”, “Ctrl” + “Page Down” – changing for 10 lots

Customer code




in the tab «Price» (“Price”, “Profitability”, “Average price”)


The value is set up by default


Text comment is attached manually

By default, it is used “Price”

Substitution of values from the list according to the first chosen letters





Type in the tab “Amount” the sum of funds and press the button “Set the number”. In the field “Quantity” it will be the number that is obtained by counting and rounded down to the nearest integer and in the field “Amount” the monetary valuation of the application for a given “Amount”



Counted automatically by setting up the algorithm.


Conditions of fulfillment

(“Pending”, “Immediately” or “Reject”, “Withdraw the rest”)


By default, the application has the condition “Pending”



If you cannot enter the order - pay attention to the appropriate button on the toolbar. The grey color means that the implementation of the required operation of the instrument is not possible. To find the reason for this, use the certificate or ask for help from your broker. Feel free to ask the question: any professional market participant interested in the fact that his customers master achieve tangible success as soon as possible. If you still have not chosen a suitable mediator - visit the resources to compare Forex brokers and define the order that suits you the best.

Removing of applications

In the table which is intended to perform operations with warrants, they are displayed in three different colors - red, black, and blue (which means active, removed, and execution of the request, respectively). Let us consider in more detail the process of removing the trade orders. It is implemented using a combination of Ctrl + D, double-clicking on the row in the table with the right mouse button, or pressing the corresponding button on the toolbar.

In a situation where you need to remove multiple applications with the same conditions, use the keyboard shortcuts Shift + Alt + D. This will open a window where you can perform all the necessary actions by completing the setting conditions and giving the command to withdraw. For example, to remove the orders from a particular bank, you have to:

  • next to the item "withdraw" check the tick "application";
  • in the "operation" set up "sale";
  • next to the "tools" - select "A1 Shares" and the desired Bank.

If you need to cancel the confirmation, which is requested, when the order is being removed - then you should click "ask for confirmation" and uncheck the tick next to it. To do this, you can use the item "transaction", located in the main QUIK settings.

It should also be added that the level of reliability and efficiency of our reporting software relating to operations with applications, deserves only praise. It finds support among professional market members, occupying leading positions in various Forex broker reviews and having a considerable number of regular users.

The use of stop orders to manage risk

First of all, it is necessary to tell, what is the main feature of this type of order. Their essence is the following: they are limited and are prepared in advance and the exchange system of transmission is only with the advent of the specified conditions - the stop price. They are used to minimize potential losses when quotes are moving in the opposite direction from that expected by the trader side. To work with this kind of order in QUIK developer provides the corresponding table. If the stop price occurs, the transaction goes into the category of performance.

We consider the program allows you to work with such varieties of brake applications, such as:

  • stop-limit;
  • Stop price in another share;
  • take-profit;
  • associated with a warrant;
  • the execution.

We should also mention that the stop order has a time limit within which it is valid. This parameter can take these values:

  • «Today" (default);
  • They indicated a specific date;
  • to cancel, by the user.

The table of stop orders provides to implementation of a variety of operations: the introduction of new orders and removal of active ones, initiating enforcement, performing editing, etc.

You should also list some tips about entering stop orders given by trustworthy brokers whose licenses were issued by renowned Forex regulators:

  • When buying ask the value of the price bids, which is slightly higher than the stop price. This allows you to ensure the execution of the warrant in a situation where the transaction price will continue to rise.
  • When selling - on the contrary, the application sets the price slightly lower than the stop price.
  • Carry out a thorough monitoring of orders and directions of the stop price. This action will allow you to avoid entering a conditional application with the conditions that have already come into force.

What is a pocket transaction and how it is remarkable?

This tool is a table, through which you can configure the type of pending warrant - without input into the trading system. It can be done very easily: just select the appropriate command from the menu Trade - Pocket transactions. Then you can proceed to the determination of the type of operation and categories of securities. To insert or remove the order by double-clicking the mouse in the first case - the left mouse button, and the second - Right.

As for the basic operations with applications, which allow you to pocket the QUIK transactions, then these include:

  • adding to the table;
  • change;
  • import from a file;
  • removal;
  • sending to the trading system (one order selected by the user or all at once).

To use this tool as efficiently as possible for you, be sure to consider the following points regarding its useful features:

  • the possibility of simultaneous input of a significant amount of bids at the start of trading;
  • transfer of "today" of those orders, which were not made during the previous days;
  • the possibility of forming orders several different groups, which are intended to simultaneously send to the exchange - with the appropriate number of tables;
  • Drag in your pocket all the necessary user applications - regardless of their current status.


Another very useful feature, which has QUIK - is an opportunity for plotting. They have two varieties:

  • changes in the volume and price of the last transaction carried out on the stock exchange;
  • changes in numerical parameters (which are random).

These graphs can be treated as an interval when the value changes are recorded at the same time, and teak when each following change has its own, separate segment length. On the horizontal scale, the user can choose both automatically and in full respect of selected values; As for the vertical scale, it is automatically detected, occupying a total area of construction.

To make your work with indicators and trends the most convenient, the developer has made a separate toolbar, which can be found in the Chart menu. It allows you to perform the following operations:

  • editing;
  • call tips window for a given length;
  • construction of trend lines;
  • change the width of the scale and the length of lines and diagrams angles of inclination;
  • adjust the vertical and horizontal scale.

This allows you to visualize the process of ongoing trade and thus make it as effective as possible. And do not forget how important is choosing a Forex broker: choosing the most appropriate mediator - this is one of the main keys to your ultimate successful trading and, as a consequence, your financial well-being.

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.