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Edgar Koelling 27 May 2017

Advantages: Recognizable name and strong regulation

Disadvantages: Higher costs than most

Comment: For a good alternative broker with strong regulation, Swissquote is the one to go with. It is regulated in Switzerland, and there are no restrictions on leverage like other EU-regulated brokers. I know most people will find 100:1 leverage low, but you get quality services. Other than that, there are many tradeable products in currencies, stocks and commodities. I will also admit spreads are quite high, but that can be offset by dealing with a true ECN broker, so even though charges are high you can know you're getting actual market quotes. In the end, it's a matter of taste and needs, I find Swissquote to suit me well because I don't trade often so the spreads don't matter to me as much, and I have confidence in the broker, which to me is very important.

Joseph 18 May 2017

Advantages: Actual ECN broker, well regulated, good trading conditions

Disadvantages: None at all

Comment: You should definitely bump Swissquote at the top of the brokers list, they are a trustworthy company under proper regulation and haven't seen any complaints even on other review websites. I have only been demo trading because they have high capital requirements, but so far everything seems great. Once I start live trading, will let you know. Has anyone else had an experience with this broker?

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