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Andre Pizelli 19 November 2017

Advantages: no problem

Disadvantages: I do not know

Comment: The lack of clear rules and precedents creates great opportunities, but also huge risks for the unprepared.Specifically, I really like  broker Swissquote , because for 2 years of teamwork there was no deception, with draw all automatically, everything is fine with them .

Simon Cowell 23 September 2017

Advantages: Margin call 0.5 %, three types of accounts, minimum position size 0.01, reliable regulation

Disadvantages: Minimum deposit 1000$

Comment: I really enjoy working with this European broker, there is reliable regulation and everything is honest. The broker has many different positions, on which you can trade.

Edgar Koelling 27 May 2017

Advantages: Recognizable name and strong regulation

Disadvantages: Higher costs than most

Comment: For a good alternative broker with strong regulation, Swissquote is the one to go with. It is regulated in Switzerland, and there are no restrictions on leverage like other EU-regulated brokers. I know most people will find 100:1 leverage low, but you get quality services. Other than that, there are many tradeable products in currencies, stocks and commodities. I will also admit spreads are quite high, but that can be offset by dealing with a true ECN broker, so even though charges are high you can know you're getting actual market quotes. In the end, it's a matter of taste and needs, I find Swissquote to suit me well because I don't trade often so the spreads don't matter to me as much, and I have confidence in the broker, which to me is very important.

Joseph 18 May 2017

Advantages: Actual ECN broker, well regulated, good trading conditions

Disadvantages: None at all

Comment: You should definitely bump Swissquote at the top of the brokers list, they are a trustworthy company under proper regulation and haven't seen any complaints even on other review websites. I have only been demo trading because they have high capital requirements, but so far everything seems great. Once I start live trading, will let you know. Has anyone else had an experience with this broker?


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