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Doug Coldiron 29 July 2017

Advantages: Nothing anymore

Disadvantages: Suspicious activities

Comment: I once wrote good review for this brokers, and I want to give an update. Back then, I was not making money and everything was good, and now when I am profitable my account was suddenly closed for no reason. They say they have banned my account for violations but I have not done anything wrong and I have been a trader for months. This is very unfair and now I can't even take my money out!

Jaime Marrow 12 May 2017

Advantages: Good, fast execution and spreads

Disadvantages: No issue with them

Comment: So after a few months trading I have been using Nord FX and their services are great, no issues at all. I am not a very good trader to say the truth but the broker is always honest with the market prices and there is no manipulation. Execution speed is also fast just like the withdrawals, so I have nothing to complain about

Doug Coldiron 09 May 2017

Advantages: Fair broker

Disadvantages: Some trading instruments like bitcoin missing

Comment: I have no problem with this broker after trading a year with them, people should trust them. I don't have big profits, but I have confirmed it's my fault. Whenever I hit stop loss and check other brokers, the price is same, so there is no fixing by broker. Also never had problems withdrawing or depositing money ever

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