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James Gladwell 12 July 2017

Advantages: Good services

Disadvantages: Nothing remarkable

Comment: If you think HYCM is going to be a favourite broker, you will be wrong. HYCM is just average in all ways and nothing is superb. Let’s see, spreads, good, sometimes spreads go up to 5 when things are hectic, and they can go to lows of 1.5. Some other brokers have better brokers with low as 1.2 like XM brokers. With Forex currencies, it is okay with like 50 of them, not bad. Other things like metals and energies are poor with only like 10 or 20. I don’t know about customer support but it is not a big deal. That is why I say they are not the best

u715704995225276 22 August 2017

I find this platform to be truly remarkbable. I have been working there for a very long period of time and the platform`s connection never frozen even one bit. Right now i am a succeful broker and i own it all to FXpro

Tomas 30 May 2017

Advantages: Not a good broker

Disadvantages: Slow execution, high slippage, slow withdrawals

Comment: I dont understand how this broker ended up on the top 3 when they are such a horrible broker. My problems are endless, and they started when I joined in January. Execution is poor and I always got requotes, and very high slippage during news time. By the way, slippage never went positive which should have been the first sign. Anyway, I still kept on going and made some profits, and that's when I noticed the execution times getting worse. I believe they are a market maker and don't want traders to make money. Finally, after a few weeks of trading I attempted to withdraw, and then more problems. Withdrawal to my bank account took almost a month, and I am sure my bank is not the problem because I have done withdrawals before. So I went to check out other review sites and found that the broker creates positive reviews to seem legitimate, but they are not. Everyone be cautious about HYCM, even if they seem to be a good company, they are very sneaky and you will probably lose your money.

Anton Danilenko 26 April 2017

Advantages: Reliable and trustworthy, MetaTrader, welcome bonuses

Disadvantages: Market maker, fixed spreads

Comment: They will tell you how they match your trades to other traders to avoid a conflict of interest, but I'm always suspicious of market makers. They are also not too welcoming to traders with smaller capital, and only those with more initial deposit get the benefits. I've still given 3 stars because they have good quality of service, and I'd love to join them when I have more to deposit, now it's just a demo account

Jorge D. 31 January 2017

Advantages: Brand + trading conditions

Disadvantages: None

Comment: Am happy to work with HYCM. Have an account there since they appeared on the Market. Support is always online, solving my issues, for now that is my 2nd broker. Before I worked with XM.com. Can say - that this one is Way more professional. Recommend!


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