Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

Accelerated Awesome Forex Trading Strategy

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A lot of trading strategies we have covered in the past may have been a bit complex. I know because in some of those my computer had to take a beat before processing all the indicators. Here is one very easy-to-understand trading system to try out this week that we have found to be incredibly successful in making profitable trades. You will still need to download some custom indicators for the MT4 platform, all below this article, but you should have no problems.

This one is for those who like the wave of a strong market trend for lots of pips all at once. I have tried it myself on all timeframes and found it works best on longer timeframes, at least M15. As for scalpers, I wouldn’t recommend using them on the M1 and M5 timeframes. Some of the best forex ECN brokers don’t allow scalping, which is something to remember when you are choosing a forex broker. Other than that, everything else is kosher, go ahead and use it on any currency pair.

Technical indicators

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, let’s start with some introduction, where you get to meet all the indicators you’re going to be using in this forex trading strategy. The image below shows the 5 main technical indicators to use, and you will be able to download them for free at the end of the article. They are custom indicators, meaning that even the top forex brokers do not include them in their trading platforms.

Before you start using this trading system, I suggest a thorough understanding of what each indicator does, and here goes:

TMA + CG indicators

These have been combined because they serve one function, to notify you of possible trade entry and exit opportunities. The TDA indicator is represented by the flowing red and green lines on the main trading window. They are not moving averages, but more envelopes because they deviated from a moving average. Envelopes are among the uncommon technical indicators, which can be very effective if you know what they do. (Uncommon technical indicators)

In this case, the TDI indicator shows dynamic support and resistance levels, and they have been colored accordingly. The green TDA flows below the one colored red, and it shows support levels. If you look at the chart above, you can see prices going up after touching the green TDA. On the other hand, the red TDA shows resistance levels, and prices are likely to go down if they touch this line.

The other indicator is the CG indicator, which is represented by pink and blue lines on the Forex charts. It provides a clearer visual to back up what the TDA indicator was already showing, signaling a buying opportunity with the blue arrows while the pink arrows show the opposite. The more arrows are showing, the stronger the trading opportunity.

EZ Chart ArrZZx2

You see these as the thick horizontal red and green bars on the Forex trading platforms. Unlike the TMA + CG indicators which show dynamic S/R levels, the EZ Chart ArrZZx2 shows definite S/R levels. The red EZ Chart ArrZZx2 bar is a resistance level while the green one is supported. It’s obvious what these S/R levels do – showing the range within which a market is trading. Of course, you have the option to draw your own S/R lines, this indicator just saves you time to make the trades. (How to draw S/R levels like a pro)


On the charts, you see these as red and blue lines, and they mostly appear as horizontal lines. The WATR indicator tells when the market is trending or ranging, and that can be useful to a swing trader. When one of the WATR indicators is flat, then the market is trading within a range. On the other hand, an inclined WATR indicator is a sign of trending markets. Depending on your trading strategy, you might choose to place trades when markets are ranging or trending. Either way, this indicator is here to tell you what’s going on. When the WATR indicator is blue, look for selling opportunities, and look for buying opportunities when the WATR is red. (How to create a trading strategy)

TMA True Slope

This one is like the MACD indicator, which is among the best technical indicators. As such, it acts as an oscillating indicator, telling whether the market sentiment is bullish or bearish. As you see, the vertical bars oscillate around the 0 mark, where markets are bullish above zero and bearish below. At the same time, the TMA True Slope can inform us of the strength/momentum of the trend. It first does this based on the height of the bars, and its color changes from pink to red and then a dark red in bearish markets and from blue to green and dark green in bullish markets. Both the color and height tell us when it’s best to open trades. (Best technical indicators)

Accelerated Awesome4colour

A second indicator window, is a lot like the TMA True Slope, except it reacts faster, allowing you to make trades before the trend develops. Also depending on the color, it’s possible to know the strength/momentum of the trend.

How does the system work?

Now to the actual trading. These are 5 custom technical indicators, and we’ve seen how they all work and their purpose.

This image represents a good buying opportunity when all 5 indicators coincide. In the chart, prices have just crossed the lower, green TMA indicator, and the CG indicator has given us the blue, upward-pointing arrows. EZ Chart ArrZZx2 has displayed a green bar, signing that prices have reached a support level. At this point, we already know markets are likely to go up, so we check the indicators window for confirmation about market sentiment.

Fortunately, TMA True Slope has just crossed upward to go above zero, quickly turning from blue to green – the bulls are in. So, we check Accelerated Awesome4colour to see just how strong the momentum is, and that indicator confirms the bulls are flexing their muscles. With all 5 indicators showing the same signal, we place our buy order and wait for this:

Markets in the GBP/USD pair go from 1.25939 to 1.30314, more than 4,000 pips in about 10 days. As mentioned earlier, this is a trading system for swing traders, so it is important to learn how to hold onto a trade. Here, we use the same indicators to tell when the trend might be ending. Using the TMA indicator, we can tell whether the upward trend is still going. As long as the green TMA line is inclined upwards, we’re in a bullish market and we’re not going to exit until we see another signal.

A CG arrow pointing downwards would be a sign of a trend reversal, but it has to be strong enough. From the image above, the CG indicator showed some red, downward pointing arrows here and there, but they were single arrows – a weak signal. Remember, the more arrows, the stronger the signal. The WATR indicator is another useful tool, which should turn blue in a downtrend. Throughout the uptrend, though, it remains red and prices never broke below it even though the line was tested several times. (How to earn on corrective waves)

As for the two indicators in the indicator window, there were times when they showed bullish momentum was dwindling. However, before closing your position, we need confirmation from the other signals. At the points where, say, the TMA True Slope crossed below zero, some traders may have panicked and taken the profits, but looking at the other indicators would have told them not to. Long-term trading is about patience, which you need for this trading strategy. (Long-term vs. short-term trading)

At the top of the uptrend, we finally see the trend changing when all indicators show bearish signals. The red WATR indicator runs out, and a blue one is formed, but the strongest sign is from the CG indicator which gives us more than 10 red, downward-facing arrows. Looking down at the indicators window, the TMA True Slope was oscillating around zero but with short-heightened bars and colors being blue and pink. Blue and pink are weak signals. However, when the red EZ Chart ArrZZx2 bar is seen, TMA True Slope bars turn bright red, a strong bearish signal. This is the time to exit the trade and cover your position.

Our example was that of a market in an upward trend, but the same rules apply to down-trending markets, you just need to reverse what we saw above. Luckily, most indicators in this system are visual, and you only need to pay attention to the colors.


Custom indicators for the accelerator's awesome trading system

In this post, I’ve mentioned several times the terms swing trading and long-term trading; if you want to know the difference between this and day trading, here’s a video explaining everything:

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.