Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

When Choosing A Forex Agent, Pick The One With Winning Clients

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Inasmuch as it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to make money in the Forex money, the role of the agent cannot be understated. The truth is that, not all agents are the same, which is why the agent you choose could mean the difference between success and failure. In this post, we shall be looking at the top agents. Not in terms of size, revenue or number of clients, but by the percentage of winning clients. If you can just find out who these agents are, then your choice should be narrowed down greatly; at least in the EU. (In case: You Wanted To Know How Many Traders Lose, Now You Know)

What factors make certain agents’ clients more profitable

There are several factors that make some agents’ clients more profitable than others. One of the main reasons is proper regulation, which ensures that the agent adheres to the law and does not do any unscrupulous activity. Among the top Forex regulators in the world is the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Since Brexit talks have still not concluded, ESMA still oversees Forex agents licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. ESMA is a very trusted regulator all over the world and is known for being very adept and capable of cracking down on ill behaviour. In fact, it is thanks to this regulator that we’re even able to find out about the agents with the highest number of profitable clients within the EU. The regulator introduced new laws governing the Forex industry earlier this year, requiring agents to reveal the win-loss ratio of their clients so that new traders know what they are getting themselves into. (ESMA Finally Puts Its Foot Down On MiFID II Regulations)

Obviously, proper regulation is crucial in ensuring any industry is run according to the rules, but it isn’t the only thing that makes certain clients more profitable than others. Another important factor in aiding this are the additional services every agent provides to their clients. From the statistics revealed by Finance Magnates, several of the top 10 agents also offer social trading. This is a feature that allows traders to copy trades from other traders either directly or through the use of copy trading. Both experienced and amateur agents can benefit from this service because they can increase their winnings by taking advantage of even more experienced traders from all over the world. (Who Are The Best Forex Social Trading Agents To Work With?)

Then there are other additional features like a Virtual Private Server (VPS). As the name suggests, it is a virtual server on which you can install your Forex trading platforms and any other software you may have. Through this server, your trading will continue non-stop even when your own computer is switched off. Then there are other agents who will provide personal account managers; although they are usually only exclusive to Gold/VIP Account holders. These account managers will give you tips on how to trade the markets from one day to another. (These are the various: Types of Forex trading accounts)

Finally, no one can be successful unless their agent has excellent services to make the trading experience efficient. Agents can do this by ensuring they provide the best services in every aspect of the Forex markets. Trade execution has to be on point and instant with no slippage or delays in execution. A agent can ensure they achieve this by having numerous servers around the world to reduce the distance from the client to the server. In case you’re not convinced about the impact of distance in trade execution speed, just notice how high frequency trading companies try to stay as close as possible to the stock exchanges. The fact is, the longer the distance, the more latency increases that reduces speed of transmission. Therefore, the closer a agent’s server is to a client, the faster their trades will be executed, especially if they are using algorithms and robots. (Here is: Why Traders May Need To Use a VPS Service)

Some other services that could make traders more successful include the number of trading instruments, reduced spreads/commissions and cost of transactions. The 10 agents we shall discuss here, as you shall see, have all managed to find a balance between these and many other services to ensure their clients’ profitability.

Despite all these, there is yet another factor that isn’t often mentioned, and that is the clients’ capital. Retail forex trading allowed traders to start trading with as little as $50 or even less for some types of accounts. Although that gave access to a lot more people, it also increased the likelihood of traders losing their money more easily. While it is definitely possible to make a profit even on a $50 account, it is still more likely to lose especially when the account is tied to a 100:1 leverage or higher. Among the agents with the most profitable clients, you will notice that a few cater mainly to institutional investors with larger capital. Not only do these clients have more expertise in the market, but their higher capital and low leverage prevents significant losses. Thus, the agent can report a higher win/loss ratio than others. (Learn:How to protect yourself from margin call)

These are certainly not all the reasons why only a few agents have a majority of winning clients, but it’s a good place to start. As we look at the individual agents in the next section, you will notice how these factors come into play to determine the top agents with the highest profitable agents.

Who are these top agents?

Since the new rules by ESMA came into effect, agents licensed and regulated in the EU ought to report their ratio of winning versus losing clients. The results are better than what most people thought, but not very encouraging for the industry as a whole. Finance Magnates recently listed the top 30 agents in descending order from the one with the most profitable clients as shown in the image above. As you can see, the industry average shows that 76.3% of clients make losses. It’s not as bad as previous speculation suggested, but then remember this only represents those agents regulated by ESMA, a trusted regulator. Accounting for unlicensed and other agents worldwide, the industry average would probably be a lot worse. However, instead of focusing on the bad apples, let’s celebrate these outstanding agents who anyone should definitely consider working with in the future.


Even though not the most well-known brand in the world, AETOS stands atop all the rest with 36.3% of their traders making profits on their accounts. So what makes AETOS clients so successful? The agent is very well regarded by the authorities and industry leaders for their integrity and professionalism. AETOS agents is the tradename for AETOS Capital Group that is headquartered in Australia, but also with offices in UK. The company is also licensed in both jurisdictions, in Australia by the ASIC under license number AFSL: 313016 and in the UK by the FCA under Registration no: 592778. These are two of the most trusted regulators in the world, and AETOS has been licensed by both. What’s more, they have held their license with ASIC since 2007 with no penalties to speak of in over a decade of operation. (The 3 Most Trusted Exchange Authorities in The World)

Perhaps the reason AETOS is not such a widely recognized brand is that they had not really expanded beyond Australia in the part. This seems to be changing of late, because they are now spreading their services into South East Asia and Europe. The company has experienced significant growth over the past year, and industry leaders have also recognized the agent. This is why AETOS was awarded the UK Forex Awards on the 26th of September 2018. The award was given in recognition of the agents excellent services ranging from trading technology, customer service and education as well as advanced trading tools. (Look forward to: The Best Forex Events And Expos To Attend Every Year)

AETOS operates a No Dealing Desk (NDD) structure, hence there is no conflict of interest between the company and its clients. It’s no surprise, therefore, that it is now the number one agent with the highest win/loss ratio by its clients. If you’re interested in joining AETOS today, as many others are, the process is as simple as with any other agent. The minimum capital required to start trading is just $250 and after sending your ID documents, you will be good to go. We downloaded the MetaTrader 4 platform provided to clients and ran a demo account for some time and once again, we weren’t disappointed. There are plenty of trading instruments ranging from Forex pairs to CFDs for indices, metals and energy commodities. (Find out:How To Make Trading Metal CFDs More Profitable)


This is one agent that is broadly known all around the globe because of their worldwide nearness and social trading platform. But in the US, where occupants are not permitted to join, every other person can make the most of their services. eToro boasts of having more than 5 million enlisted customers in their books, which puts the agent among the most well-known agents around the world. Albeit most eminent for their social trading platform, the organization still offers normal trading for currency, stocks, indices and commodities. (Do you know: Which Are The Best Commodities To Trade In The Autumn?)

eToro was established in 2006 as a normal brokerage firm. Their services were mostly Forex, however they likewise offered stocks, indices and other products as CFDs. The organization has headquarters in Tel Aviv, where it was begun, yet they are authorized by both CySEC and the FCA. With the licenses from these bodies, they can give their services all through Europe and numerous different parts of the world. (Should You Invest In CFDs Or Stocks To Make More Money?)

Up until 2013, eToro was among the few representatives who still acknowledged US inhabitants as customers. In any case, US residents can in any case utilize their services, in light of the fact that the organization has a backup, eToro USA. This auxiliary does not go about as an autonomous brokerage firm, yet rather as an Introducing Broker (IB) for the agent FX Solutions. As an IB, eToro USA can accept US customers, however they don't execute the exchanges, those are pushed to FX Solutions. eToro USA has a license from the CFTC and is part of the NFA, making it completely legal to operate inside the US. This structure enables dealers to make utilization of all their services. (Learn about: Laws and limits of forex exchanging in the US)

In an industry with a lot of competition, eToro has figured out how to remain on the ball through some one of a kind services. The principal thing you see about eToro is their community exchanging services, which are, to be perfectly honest, wonderful. Community exchanging is more common, and it is a prevalent pattern these days being given by numerous agents out there. With eToro, be that as it may, you have the upside of numbers. As made reference to before, eToro has more than 5 million customers enrolled, and that is an immense number.

To make utilization of this huge asset, eToro has CopyExchanger, and it is an element that enables you to peruse through the exchanging history of different dealers. On CopyExchanger, another’s exchanging history is distributed to demonstrate to you how well they are getting along. Since the information is gotten from other eToro customers, the data is totally precise and can be broke down utilizing different instruments to survey the dealer's patterns. The best of them are recorded as Popular Investors, and they are the ones with the best achievement record. By and by, you can locate some other exchanger on CopyExchanger. When you do discover the exchanger whose exchanges you want to duplicate, you can do it easily and distribute a segment of your exchanging money to them. Along these lines, you don't chance the majority of your capital on eToro community exchanging, except if you need or want to. (How Do You Know An Expert Advisor Is Out Of Date?)

For the individuals who like to put resources into groups, eToro has still got you secured. Much the same as ETFs that join different resources into a 'container', so does this element enable you to do. By consolidating a few resources, your venture is more secure in light of the fact that it is improbable that all investments fail simultaneously. eToro still has numerous resources for exchange, from monetary forms to stocks, products and resources, implying that you can put resources into a wide assortment of advantages as well. This component is known as eToro CopyFunds, and you pick which supports suit your hazard craving. As of late, eToro have reported CryptoFund, a CopyFund which packages the main 6 virtual monetary standards. (Why Forex Exchanging Should Not To Be Treated Like A Casino)

As a drawback, though, eToro have their own exchanging stage called OpenBook, and it is accessible on each keen gadget. The issue is that it's a restrictive programming, and some may not be comfortable with it. Be that as it may, it makes them flabbergast one of a kind services, and it synchronizes with CopyExchanger to enable you to duplicate other merchants' activities, ideal from one stage.

GBE Brokers

This is another agent who wasn’t very widely known until the report by Finance Magnates came out. That is because GBE Brokers was more mainly recognized as a liquidity provider (LP) than a retail agent. Nevertheless, they perform both roles excellently, and as the data shows, they are third with 32.2% of their clients making money. This role of GBE brokers as an LP gives it one very significant edge over its competitors, and that is in exchange execution. (Think Twice When Making A Deposit In A Forex Company)

You see, there aren’t a lot of retail agents with enough clout or capital to directly participate in the interbank market, so many of them go through an LP such as GBE brokers. That means GBE has direct access to the interbank market and thus, excellent execution speeds. Your exchanges go directly to the top banks and are executed almost instantly to ensure you get the best quotes in the market. Moreover, spreads are also very low as there is no intermediary to extract an additional charge leaving you with some of the best exchanging conditions.

GBE agents was once GBE Safepay Transactions Ltd. when it was created in 2013, then the name was changed to GBE Agents Ltd. The company was first licensed by CySEC in 2014 under the registration number 240/14. This is where they have their headquarters, but other offices are found in the UK and Germany from where they also got licenses to operate. In Germany, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) gave them the Registration Number: 148129 to operate while the FCA gave them the Reference Number: 717554. These licenses prove that GBE can be trusted because they have the necessary regulators’ approval. It also means your money is safe because CySEC requires that all agents’ clients have negative balance protection and an Investor Compensation Fund of €20,000. It’s therefore no wonder so many of their clients get to keep their money – it’s nearly impossible for the agent to break all these laws! Indeed, they are among the few agents from whom you will notice positive price slippage, a practice for which they get very little praise. (Revealing Forex Bonuses Of Agents: How To Identify A Real Bonus)

Now you may be wondering how such an excellent agent received so little attention, and that could probably be because of their €1,000 minimum deposit requirement. Many retail agents require a lot less, but this is what GBE Brokers demands if you want to enjoy their services. This may be high for a beginner, but well worth it for anyone who wants to get into some serious exchanging. If you’re one of these, then you will definitely appreciate the many other excellent services available from GBE. To find out for yourself, how about opening a demo account and giving it a try for some time to see the difference with other agents.


At number four is another agent more known for their community exchanging, just like eToro, but Darwinex is a completely different kind of brokerage. The actual company behind Darwinex is Exchangeslide Exchanging Tech Limited, and it was formed in 2012. Back then, it only dealt with developing exchanging algorithms and was registered by UK’s Companies House under Company Number 08061368. It was only in May 2014 that Darwinex was officially licensed by the FCA with FRN 586466 that it began to operate as a brokerage. Since then, it has grown consistently to become among the most profitable agents to work with having 31% of their clients make money. Furthermore, all of Darwinex clients have insurance up to £500,000 under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This is much higher than the typical £50,000 cover by other FCA regulated Forex agents.

So how do Darwinex do it? By combining exchanging algorithms with exchangers’ expertise. The problem with most exchanging algorithms is that they can’t handle ‘irregularities’ in the market, and a human must intervene. This is where the company’s algorithms come in. To begin, you can just start exchanging as usual using either MT4 or MT5. They also have a proprietary exchanging software, FIX, that you can use if you want to try something different. Once you begin exchanging, the algorithms study your exchanging patterns to analyse the quality of your exchanging strategy. According to their website, Darwinex intends to train exchangers by encouraging better exchanging practices through the use of algorithms. After you have been exchanging for some time and the algorithms have done their thing, they will suggest how to improve upon it for better results. If you do and follow the suggestions and succeed, you will begin to enjoy discounts on the spreads and commissions charged. (How Not To Be Added To The 95% Of Losing Exchangers)

When you’re confident enough, you can start your own DARWIN, which other exchangers can copy. Again, exchangers don’t simply copy your exchanges directly as other community exchanging platforms, but rather try to modify their own strategies with the help of algorithms. It may sound confusing, but it really isn’t because it’s all done by the software. One of the DARWINs on the company reached $3 million in assets under management (AUM) last year, showing that many people trust the company. Do well enough and the company will even give you up to €24,000,000 to manage as you earn 20% of the profits. That is almost like running your own hedge fund! (Forex Rigging And Manipulation: How The Major Investors Pull It Off)

Community exchanging may be Darwinex’s main distinguishing factor, but you shouldn’t doubt any of their other services. All the usual high notes have been hit, including plenty of tradable instruments, competitive spreads as low as 0.1 on major pairs and even 1.5 on CFDs and excellent execution. The company works with the top liquidity providers like Saxo Bank and LMAX to achieve the best quotes and tightest spreads for you to enjoy. Darwinex is truly a great agent and well-deserving of its position.

XM Markets

Among forex agents, XM Markets is a giant very well known for its huge number of clients and good reputation. The company itself is Exchanging Point Holdings Ltd. and it was created in 2009 and was first licensed by CySEC under Reference Number: 120/10. Since then it has grown into a behemoth with offices in Australia and the UK. In Australia, ASIC gave the company Reference Number: 443670 while the FCA gives Reference Number: 705428. With these licenses, XM Markets can sign up clients from all over the world, except the US. They boast of having more than 1.5 million clients from all over the world, and the list of awards is also noteworthy. In 2018 alone, they were crowned Best FX Agent Europe for 2018 by World Finance Magazine and Best International Agent in the MENA Region. (Can A Forex Agent Avoid Sending Trades Directly To The Interbank Market?)

To handle all the clients and their varied demands, XM Markets has some of the best servers (we assume) considering the excellent transaction speeds we experience. Whether you’re making manual trades or running an algorithm, you won’t have problems in filling orders with this agent. And in case you need a VPS, it comes free if you hold $5,000 in capital or more; with less you would have to pay some $28 per month – still very reasonable for the service.

There really isn’t any point trying to talk about XM Markets here because they are a very good brokerage company and a definite recommendation.


HotForex was started in 2010 and is the brand name of the organization HF Markets Group that runs a few subsidiaries of the HotForex brand. The European branch is under the name HF Markets (Europe) and is managed by CySEC under the permit number 183/12. It is this license from CySEC that allows HotForex to operate in Europe and earned it the 6th position in our top 10 agents. Other branch areas incorporate Mauritius, St. Vincent and the Grenadine and South Africa; and the regulators in every one of these areas permit the organization.

Through this wide worldwide presence, HotForex now has in excess of 500,000 clients from numerous nations on the planet with live accounts. Other than their worldwide presence, the organization has additionally got different honours for their services including Best Forex Agent Latin America 2018, Best New Forex Agent South Africa 2016 and many more. These accolades have been awarded to HotForex throughout the years it has existed, showing that the company has always been growing and maintaining an excellent reputation. (Growth Of The Forex Market In Africa And Other Developing Countries)

Perhaps the most notable feature of this agent that catapulted them to their current placing is their security of client funds. To begin with, they offer negative balance protection, meaning that your losses will never exceed your capital. Because of leverage and market volatility, it is possible for an individual’s account balance to reach negative, so you owe the agent. Negative balance protection prevents this by limiting the amount of losses only to your capital. If you may remember, there was a major surprise in January 2015 when the Swiss National Bank (SNB) depegged their currency from the euro causing the euro to drop drastically. Several agents went bankrupt and clients, because of the volatility and slippage, saw their accounts drop to negative balances. In such times, even stop-loss orders are not filled on time and the losses just keep running. In addition to this provision, which is also a requirement from regulators, HotForex is also insured up to €5,000,000. This is enough to cover any surprises in the markets and any other problems you may run into. All this is to say, your money is safe, and you can trade with confidence. (All about the: Bankruptcy of Forex agents)

Of course, there isn’t any agent on this list that doesn’t have excellent services, but HotForex still shines a bit brighter than the rest in this respect. Unlike some agents who focus on one kind of client, HotForex is all inclusive. Whether you’re a high-roller with specific needs and demands or a beginner just starting out, there is an account for you. All are welcome to trade at HotForex, and if you become one of the 29% of winners, you may become rich. From a variety of trading platforms including the latest MetaTrader 5 to numerous trading assets and tools, it’s understandable why so many clients here make money.

Saxo Bank

Most of the top Forex agents today are fairly new and have existed for about a decade. Saxo Bank is an exception because it is more than 25 years old since it was formed in 1992. Back then, it was one of the pioneers of retail Forex trading, and as it seems, it has remained so over the decades. The company does indeed have a banking license, but it does not act as a normal bank with traditional banking services. Instead, Saxo Bank is purely an online agent, though it has partnered with several major banks and financial institutions on a white label basis. These partnerships have made it one of the largest Forex agents by revenue and transacting about $12 billion every day on average.

Enough about the company itself, you’re probably wondering about how Saxo Bank could be good for you. Well, in that case, we can’t ignore the company’s reputation. It is headquartered in Denmark, where the financial regulations are considered to be among the most stringent around the world. Nevertheless, they have been licensed there as a bank by the Danish Financial Services Authority (FSA). Besides the Denmark offices, they have numerous subsidiaries around the world, including one in the UK that is regulated by the FCA under firm Reference Number 551422 and in Australia by ASIC under Registration Number: 126 373 859. (How Is Spread Betting Different From Forex Trading?)

They not only have a good reputation through their history, but also by offering excellent services. First of all, since they deal with major banks, you can be rest assured their trade execution speed is superb and reliable. Remember that all this is done on an ECN structure to ensure the best quotes and smallest spreads. More significant, though, is the number of trading instruments you can access. As we mentioned earlier, Saxo Bank has numerous subsidiaries around the world, and these connections give traders access to such a huge variety of assets to trade that it would be impossible to lack anything. Everything is varied at Saxo Bank, even with Forex trading because there are not only spot Forex transactions but also forwards and options of the same, then there are over 9,000 CFDs for myriad assets. If you thought that was it, hold on to your chair because there are still stocks, listed options, ETFs, bonds and futures available to trade. Again remember that, since Saxo Bank has a direct link to many exchanges around the world, these are not CFDs but rather actual products. In short, Saxo Bank could potentially open the up the financial world to you right from your home. (All you need to know about futures contracts)

All these products couldn’t be crammed into any other trading platform, so Saxo Bank created their own trading platform SaxoTrader. Initially, there was only an installable version, but they later had to switch it into two – SaxoTraderPRO and SaxoTraderGO. The former has all the features while the latter is more accessible although with less features. SaxoTrader is a very powerful platform with some very advanced features, most notably the Time and Sales feature from which you can see other trades in real time and Depth Trader from where you can see the pending orders similar to cTrader platform. These unique features and more have made SaxoTrader an award winning trading platform just as the company itself. (Everything You Need To Know About The cTrader Forex Trading Platform)

All the above described features and facilities are accessible if you have $2,000 as capital to open an account. This is the minimum requirement for the classic account, and you gain access to all of Saxo Bank’s products. Since it is situated in the EU, leverage caps by ESMA apply, limiting leverage to 1:30 like many other agents. In exchange for the high requirements, you get to receive insights from the company’s analysts every day to help you have some ideas. All in all, Saxo Bank really deserves to be on this list of top agents, and it is very strongly recommended. (You should know: How to find reliable trading signals)


Like Saxo Bank, TeleTrade is also among the pioneers of the industry and is also among the top agents to choose from. You will notice their label on the Burnley FC jerseys because they are official sponsors of the team. The parent company behind the brand is Teletrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd. and it is licensed by CySEC under license number 158/11. This license allows the company to operate across the EU and many other countries around the world. Apart from their Cyprus office, the company also has plenty of other offices and thus many clients signed up with them.

The advantage of working with such a well-connected company is access to the best liquidity providers. TeleTrade does not fail in this regard since they provide an ECN structure to process orders in the interbank market. With over 200 assets to trade, any trader could find a preferable asset to deal with and make money off of. They even allow deposits as low as $100 for all their accounts, making access even easier. (Concepts Every Trader Should Understand: Leverage, Margin And Hedging)

It is also another agent that utilizes the power of social exchanging by allowing copy exchanging. As you may know by now, copy exchanging is an excellent way to increase your profits regardless of your level of expertise. And thanks to the huge number of clients they have, you would get a large pool of potential exchangers to copy from. Overall, TeleExchange is a solid choice of agent to work with because they manage to balance all the key ingredients to a success soup.


The Forex intermediary, Markets.com, is the brand name of Safecap Investments Limited. The parent organization, Safecap Investments Ltd. was established in 2006 by Teddy Sagi, and it is only one of the numerous organizations the tycoon claims. To enter the online Forex, CFD and parallel alternatives markets, Teddy Sagi purchased a few organizations as of now in the business. This began in 2004 when Exchange FX was established. Exchange FX was the budgetary side of Teddy Sagi's organizations, and Safecap Investments Ltd. exists under Exchange FX. (GDPR Is Finally Here! All You Need To Know And How It Affects You)

Safecap was in the end authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008 under the permit number 092/08. At the time, Safecap gave online Forex and CFD exchanging services under the CFG Markets brand, and it rapidly started to develop. The development of the organization was great to the point that CFG Markets was granted the Fastest Growing Agent honour in 2010.

To completely build up themselves in the business, they rebranded from CFG Markets to Markets.com. This was an advertising system, like the one utilized by Gain Capital by marking themselves Forex.com. It might appear to be an entangled structure; however, it isn't totally surprising in the business. In 2015, Exchange FX, which claims Safecap was sold to Playtech, however the Markets.com mark is still being used, and the dealer keeps on being a power in the business. (What Is The Financial Commission And Can It Be Trusted?)

At that point when you're exchanging, you will discover even more exceptional contributions. One of these is Exchangers’ Trends. It tells you how other Markets.com customers are exchanging, with the goal that you can have a thought of market supposition and place your exchanges in like manner. The information is refreshed at regular intervals, with each instrument demonstrating the level of buy and sell positions.

Since the dealer has numerous customers, these contributions can tell you a lot about other exchangers in the market. Besides, there's additionally Trending Now to show you the instruments with most volume. The information originates from other Markets.com customers so you know the data is true. Markets.com additionally banded together with TipRanks, which investigations advertise information from real market members to discover which way they are inclining. With such data, you can know how other market members are exchanging, putting you at preference over different exchangers since you will have much more precise data. (What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency In Finance?)

In any case, and maybe most imperative, Markets.com has a brilliant notoriety. As far back as 2010, the organization has developed to become exceptionally well known the world over, and has been respected with numerous honours. Truth be told, the main drawback might be that they don't acknowledge customers living in the US, however something else, everything else is immaculate.

City Credit Capital (CCC)

Last but certainly not least on our list of top 10 agents is CCC, where 26.9% of exchangers make money. Several things you may have noticed by now make a good agent, and for CCC those are reputation, regulation and quality service. They have a good reputation after years of being in the industry since the company was created in 2001. It is also licensed by the FCA with Reference Number: 232015, and this is very reliable regulation. Among other things enjoyed thanks to this regulation are

  • clients are insured by up to £50,000 in case the agent becomes bankrupt and can’t pay
    • negative balance protection to avoid losses exceeding capital
    • security of funds by using segregated accounts
    • fair treatment of clients

There are several issues that one may have with CCC, though, starting with the high capital requirement. For a mini account, you need to deposit $500 and a standard account needs $5,000. This is the highest among any agent on this list, and way higher than the industry average. Add to that, they don’t have MetaTrader but only Markets Trader, a proprietary software and spreads are fixed at 3 pips for major pairs and even higher on exotic pairs. These hurdles make it more difficult for the average exchanger to sign up with them and start exchanging, but it is still possible to do so because they have a lot better things going for them than bad. (Learn To Exchange The Forex Market Through Analysing Supply And Demand)

Our pick

At this point, you may have already made your choice, and we wouldn’t want to dissuade you from your choice. All these are excellent candidates, and your decision will depend on what you’re looking for and willing to give up.

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.
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