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How to use VPS-server

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VPS-servers are in great demand now, because they help to trade automatically. All experienced traders in Forex market know that such trading advisors have to work twenty-four hours a day. But still sometimes there are circumstances in the form of electricity supply failures, defects of Internet traffic and so on. As a result, their work becomes unstable. VPS-server - this is the service that allows you to eliminate the occurrence of such problems. With their help, the server renter will be able to manage his own goals and objectives on a common computer device, using a remote format. Also in this case the tenant can guarantee the absence of power outages and quality work of Internet traffic. Stability will be observed in the hard drive and RAM. Online merchants will be able to connect their computer disks to the server in order to copy the information they upload and store chat to Internet resources. The VPS-Virtual server is suitable for use on any computer device with Internet access.

What is VPS-server?

Excluding the description of technical features, we can say that the VPS server is a computer device that is installed on the operating system Windows Server. The distinctive trait is the absence of a monitor and finding the device away from the brokers, often in other countries. Through its computer device trader has the ability to connect to the server, install software, forex expert advisors. When you disconnect from the server, all programs and advisors continue to function.

Why is it needed?

If a trader intends to work seriously with many Forex trading platforms, the need to understand all the mechanisms of the trade via the Internet. You also need to take into account that VPS server- it is simply necessary assistant. There are a large number of reasons for this. For example, on a standard home computer it is very difficult to hold a multitude of terminals, and even more so, to manage them. Also traders outage will not prevent or interrupt the work. It will also avoid disruptions in the Internet and the loss of the connection. One will be able to seamlessly use his computing device and reboot it without fear. Other traders who own home PC will not prevent VPS-server operation.

Selecting a virtual server

When you choose a virtual server you must take into account the peculiarities of the different trading advisors which are installed on VPS and how those fit into your trading strategy. However, certain parameters are of greater importance:

  • The shape of the operating system. Identify it can be based on the goals and objectives of the application servers. In that case, if the lease is necessary as a test expert advisors, it will be better to pay attention to Windows.  MetaTrader 4 works in this system too;
  • Traffic, its number. With this criterion should be to identify the activity of the server application. Traffic volume must be sufficient for qualitative and reliable operation of the trading advisor for a long period of time;
  • RAM, its size. This setting affects the efficiency of the system operation. Most often used in the case of testing or the use of advisors in trading of this type that can perform multiple transactions in a short period of time (Scalping, pipsing);
  • CPU power indicators. Another parameter that affects the efficiency of the server action;
  • The presence of the testing period. It is necessary as a measure of characteristics and properties in relation to the server perform certain activities and tasks;
  • Server location. Features that affect the server's performance, but in case of operation. If the server and dealing center are located close to each other, the rate of passage of different teams will be faster, so the trader has the opportunity to compare good Forex brokers;
  • Price.

Free server

Sometimes forex broker can offer to customers free VPS servers. One of them is provided by Amarkets. In fact, it has very little effect, due to which can withstand only one terminal with a very simple robot. However, this option would be acceptable for a demo account.

The process of connecting to the VPS-server

Now there's an easy and fast way to connect to a server located on remote access. The computer device for this you first need to open the "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Remote Desktop Connection." On the computer monitor displayed a special field where you want to record necessary Ip address server, resulting in a letter from the provider. Then you want to select a connection option. As a result, the monitor will show the server field, where it is necessary to make a password for access. Then you can move on to micro-manage. In fact, the operating system will be the same as on the home PC. Further, all steps will be carried out on your own computer device.

Installation of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal

Traders should try to install on your home PC terminal named MetaTrader 4, and keep track of all the details relating to trade in the Forex market. At first it takes to go to the official online resource, as well as to use the service «Real-time forex charts». Finding a form of downloading the program, you must download the file to your computer device.

In this situation, you need to understand that any action even the button presses and mouse movement via the Internet to the server. For this reason, you need to be prepared for the fact that the reaction can not be observed directly, but with a delay, and not always short. Do not think that the VPS-server tolerate failures and problems. Here there is a simple time lag in the transmission of information, which lasts a few seconds. Just as in the case of a conventional computer device, you need to run the file and ready to go to the immediate installation of MetaTrader 4. It should be noted that it is important to take into account market news, tracking them in Forex calendar - so that you can keep track of the various economic indicators, reducing to minimize all risks.

Returning to the terminal installation, it is important to bear in mind that after the launch of the program trader will see an opened window of the menu. Of course, first you need to test a demo account and terminal. Traditional shopping program adviser need to be moved on the chart and select "Allow live trading". On the right trader will see a smiley at the top of the monitor, which indicates that the adviser holds opening deals and started active work. The principle of operation is identical to the home computing device.

Uploading files to the server

Special rating, which helps «Choosing a Forex Broker», you can select the best of them. This is important because the trader must be confident in the quality of work of programs and files. You can download the program via the resource where the necessary software is located. In other words, no difference from the loading process on the home computer device in this situation. Also needed downloads can be placed on any file sharing site and then downloaded to the server itself. You can also send them to the server directly from the computer device. But before it is required to carry out the installation of a small connection to the remote machine. After starting the client, you must select the "Display Settings". Then you need to make the transition to the "Local Resources" and "Details". On the monitor you will see the dialog where you need  to choose the disk that is used to upload files to the server from the home device. Then you can close the window and connect by the above-described method to the server itself.

How to add  programs in automatical downloading?

It's not a secret that the reliable brokers are only regulated by the best Forex regulators, so if you are working with a good broker, you will not have problems with the installation of the software and its use. But, if the VPS-server has been rebooted, the traders have to re-run the program. Of course, in this case, it is possible to create a system of automatic start. This applies to trading terminals and advisors, as well as other files. First, you need to move a program shortcut in athematic download folder. In order to avoid the transfer of each file separately, you click twice on startup option. Thus, the folder will be opened in another window in Windows Explorer.

Server Availability

The efficiency of the server - it is a necessary factor for those traders who have large sums on the accounts. The problem of health of a server decides Ping Admin program. You must first register on the website and enter the e-mail address, which will then need to confirm. As a sample for beginners is given a dollar. To test the servers for several days it will be enough. In that case, when the server is not available, the company will send notification about the problem via e-mail.

You can check all VPS offering Forex Brokers and find the one, which suites you best.


Excited about starting your own VPS server? Here's how to set it up:

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.