Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.


Crypto Craze 2.0: The Resurrection of Bitcoin Price and Why 2023-24 are Bullish Years
The world of cryptocurrencies is amid a second coming, with Bitcoin leading the charge. As we move further into 2023, investors and analysts alike are eyeing the next big event on the horizon - the halving (anticipated t ... Read more >>
Ethereum’s ‘Shapella’ Upgrade: What It Means For The Crypto Market?
The Ether fever is once again on the rise as the recent Ethereum network upgrade is expected to unlock staked assets and increase the long-term profitability of the digital currency. Ethereum (ETH) the second-largest cry ... Read more >>
Republican Congressmen to Create Crypto Regulation Subcommittee
On January 12, 2023, lawmakers from the United States Republican Party announced the creation of a Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, and Inclusion. This subcommittee would be part of an already existi ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Rises to Pre-FTX Levels
Bitcoin’s price grew to above $21,000 on Saturday, reaching the value it held before the FTX collapse. This is a massive surge of over 7%, but also a long-awaited morale boost that will undoubtedly push traders to ... Read more >>
Crypto Rally Continues – What are The Driving Forces?
Starting two weeks ago, Crypto has found itself in the grip of a massive rally with the exchange facilitating a price increase of over 20%. The highest point yet came on Saturday, when Bitcoin exceeded the pre-FTX l ... Read more >>
Over $5 Billion FTX Assets Recovered
FTX lawyers have located over $5 billion in liquid assets to repay some of the customers who lost money on the crashed company. The assets include cash, securities, and crypto, which can be liquidated in short order. How ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Grows to Over $19,000 as Traders Find Confidence
Bitcoin was in a very unpleasant spot for the last several months of 2022. It ended the year trading at around $16,000, which was a massive decline from August. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in general, have ... Read more >>
Genesis Fires 30% of its Employees
Genesis Trading has recently laid off 60 employees in an attempt to relieve some of the strain generated by its looming bankruptcy. The company is a major crypto lender, with customers varying from big crypto businesses ... Read more >>
Silvergate Customers Withdraw Billions in Crypto
Customers of the American Silvergate Bank, which offers crypto services, have recently withdrawn over $8 billion within a short timeframe. This is considered part of the continuing ‘crypto winter,’ an ongoing ... Read more >>
Fiji Elects a Pro-Bitcoin PM
On December 24, the Pacific island nation of Fiji elected a new prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka. The man is widely regarded as a pro-Bitcoin lawmaker. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Fiji is on the course ... Read more >>
Brazil Clarifies Regulations on Bitcoin
The Brazilian government has recently signed a Bill that sets new regulations in place and clarifies rules for using Bitcoin as a means of payment and investment. Before, much of this was a gray area. Despite previo ... Read more >>
FTX Customers Attempt to Sue the Bankrupt Company
Several former customers of the FTX crypto broker are suing the company in an attempt to recover lost funds. The grounds of the lawsuit are financial misconduct and breach of the agreement. The plaintiffs claim that the ... Read more >>
Crypto Twitter Might be Dying Out
Crypto Twitter might be dying out, which could persuade a large chunk of users to contribute instead to the development of decentralized social media. A large portion of crypto-related discussions is currently held ... Read more >>
Indian Central Bank Suggests Ban of Private Cryptocurrencies Internationally
The chief of the Indian Central Bank, Shaktikanta Das, has recently promoted the idea of banning the use of private cryptocurrencies internationally. It comes during the country’s Presidency in G20, which gives it ... Read more >>
Nigeria Seeks to Legalize Crypto Assets
Nigeria’s top officials now seek to legalize trading in cryptocurrencies after almost two years of it being illegal in the country. The previous ban occurred when Bitcoin was still a big element in the grey economy ... Read more >>
Binance Freezes USDC Withdrawals
Starting Tuesday, Binance freezes all USDC withdrawals from their network in a temporary move while they facilitate a “token swap.” This action is exactly what it sounds like – they’ll take one to ... Read more >>
Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested, Soon to be Extradited to US
Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX and one of the key factors behind the current state of cryptocurrencies, was arrested in the Bahamas on Tuesday following the warrant issued by the US government. Likely, he&rsquo ... Read more >>
Ethereum Shows Great Promise for 2023
Ethereum has been faring surprisingly better compared to many other cryptocurrencies these last months. It’s not even that it was hugely lucrative, but many people appreciate its sustainability and stability amidst ... Read more >>
Bybit and Swyftx Announce Layoffs Ahead of Crypto Winter
Two more crypto companies announce workforce layoffs as the new crypto winter is expected to set in. The layoffs will affect up to 30% of employees in an intentional step to reduce possible losses and decrease the potent ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Could Fall to $5,000 in 2023, According to Standard Chartered
Following the already unimpressive streak of a mass exodus from the crypto industry by companies and projects, the financial analysts from Standard Chartered predict a scenario in which Bitcoin could fall to $5,000 in th ... Read more >>
Stablecoins Might be Key to Crypto Future
Stablecoins have been particularly prominent in 2022, even despite the overall difficulties of the decentralized economy and stablecoins in general. USDT and USDC now account for over 14% of the market capitalization of ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Recovers Again
Earlier this Wednesday, Bitcoin managed to exceed the $17,000 line and stay at $17 above it. This comes after a sudden decline on Monday, which almost saw the coin decrease below $16,000. The currency is still coming und ... Read more >>
Bitfront Exchange Announces a Shutdown
Bitfront, a major American crypto exchange, has announced the coming shutdown of its services. They’ve already suspended the creation of new accounts, as well as credit card payments network-wide, and further actio ... Read more >>
Bitcoin Shakes Following Protests in China
Monday wasn’t a very favorable day for the crypto market in general. Bitcoin lost over 2% of its value in one day, while Ether fell by over 4%. The rest of the crypto market followed suit, with the economy, in gene ... Read more >>
BlockFi Declares Bankruptcy, Seeks Restructuring
Following the lead of the recently failed FTX crypto firm, BlockFi, a major provider of crypto loans and credits, formally applied for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in the US. This essentially means that BlockFi seeks to r ... Read more >>
Binance Pledges over $1 Billion to Crypto Industry
Binance, one of the biggest crypto companies in the world, has recently published a statement pledging over $1 billion to support the ailing crypto market through the use of the recently established fund. Several other c ... Read more >>
Wednesday: Crypto Rises by Up to 24%
It’s reported that crypto has been trading in a bullish market thus far this Wednesday. Prominent cryptocurrencies saw steady growth of up to 24%, with Bitcoin rising to the $16k level with a 4% bounce. Other crypt ... Read more >>
El Salvador to Issue Crypto Bonds
El Salvador has been at the center of many crypto discussions for over a year, with the culmination being the country’s acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal tender back in September 2021. A year later, over 70% of peop ... Read more >>
Comparing EOS V Ethereum. Which One Is Better For Smart Contracts?
 For most parts of history, you would have needed a third-party intermediary to finalize a contract or complete a deal. This presents a couple of challenges including high fees, increased risk, and slow execution of ... Read more >>
Cardano Launches Privacy-Focused Blockchain
Cardano is currently very active in terms of various crypto projects. They are developing several new currencies and technologies, and, more recently, they’ve announced a new blockchain that favors privacy without ... Read more >>
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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Statistically, only 11-25% of traders gain profit when trading Forex and CFDs. The remaining 74-89% of customers lose their investment. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.