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Jon Tailor 24 December 2017

Advantages: Low spread

Disadvantages: Long withdrawal of funds.

Comment: I traded for the Alpari, a couple of months I liked the low spread easy withdrawal of money, then I lost I sit waiting and I think that the market is not my job. All luck. Alpari really liked it

Jony Iyve 23 November 2017

Advantages: fast output

Disadvantages: no

Comment: This broker helped me to develop and grow rapidly. No matter how much money you have, the main thing is to pick the right company and everything will be fine. The withdrawal of funds is very fast, the rate is minimal low.

Ray Wilson 01 August 2017

Advantages: Reliable dealing center, high level of service, no problem with withdrawal

Disadvantages: There is always a risk of losing money in the Forex market

Comment: One of the largest and most reliable forex brokers with branches around the world, and the first company in which I opened an account. I have never had any problems for three years of successful trading with this broker

Hamish 26 June 2017

Advantages: They have a lot of offers and bonuses

Disadvantages: Some very clever market manipulation

Comment: This broker is a very good crook and I still don't understand how they do it. I demo traded for a number of months, making decent profit and turned my $500 account to $2000. I'm good at this, I though, and made the deposit for $500. No problems there, they were glad to take my money, and then I started losing like every trade. It didn't matter whether the stop loss was tight or not, I was always being stopped out. So I checked with another trading platform, and the figures seemed to match. I'm really confused whether I'm the one who sucks at trading or there is some very clever manipulation. I know they are not FCA regulated since the Alpari UK branch went bust, and I would not be surprised if they are crooked

Boris 12 June 2017

Advantages: Cashback program, good execution speed

Disadvantages: They don't have negative balance protection

Comment: I am trading with them for a while and feel safe with them having my money. I have also put my money in PAMM account, which helps me to hedge risk even when I lose money myself. That is why I like them so much, that you can use the same deposit to trade binary options, forex and even have an account manager. I have tried all of them and alpari have always been honest and straightforward in their services.

Towanda Eck 25 May 2017

Advantages: Deposit bonuses, PAMM accounts, VPN services

Disadvantages: Not ECN

Comment: As a long-term alpari client, I am satisfied by their services. I started working with the UK division and when it went under I got my money and stayed with them to date. All this time, I have been using many of their services including a very good PAMM account and VPN services, and never had a problem. To be honest, I don't believe they are ECN brokers, but all the same, they don't trade too aggressively against their clients. Trading conditions are awesome, plenty of bonuses and many instruments to work with. Excellent broker

John Batten 11 April 2017

Advantages: 100% bonus, wide range of products, MT5

Disadvantages: N/A

Comment: I really like this broker and I've just got back to it because they made MT5 available for live accounts. I used them before but I had to go for another broker with MT5, now I'm back because it's available for live accounts. All other areas are great too, and this is now the broker to deal with.

Bertrice 25 March 2017

Advantages: Trading signals, PAMM accounts, quick withdraws

Comment: Love the PAMM account offering, invested in one and a month later it's showing profits


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