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First version release: 2001 year
Price of the license
0 $
Full price: 0 $
Website: http://www.tradermade.com/

The TraderMade Maverick platform is intended for carrying out the profound technical analysis. The browser version of a platform works on a cloud computing. The program can be connected to any broker and trade in the various markets. The desktop version supports up to 9 screens. The platform also supports receiving news, monitoring of the market, definition of patterns. The user can adjust own data acquisition from the market and signals in the chosen parameters. Maverick allows to define and adjust own synthetic financial instruments, such as, for example, trade weighed indices, with use coefficients of formulas.


Built-In-Indicators : Yes
Pre-Loaded Strategies : Not
Market News : Yes
Trading Signals : Yes
Charts print out : Yes
Interface languages : English
Back Testing : Yes
Trade From Charts : Not
One-Click Execution : Not
Automated Trading : Not
Demo account : Not
Browser Based : Yes
Desktop Based : Yes
Programming language : Java
Server-Side trailing stop : Not
Client-Side trailing stop : Not
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