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Pavol Priezviskko 31 January 2018

Comment: Saxobank dead company without support team. In Saxobank doesn't exist support team, they doesn't answer on me emails. It is SCAM broker. (I am from central Europa, Slovakia)

Alden 17 June 2017

Advantages: Trusted broker, great services

Disadvantages: Nothing

Comment: In 5 years I have not been able to outgrow Saxo Bank, and never even tried another broker because they are perfect brokers. They provide every trading instrument you will ever need and never manipulate the market prices. I also truly believe they are not a dealing desk broker because of their reputation and history. A recent study has showed that they are among the most popular brokers in the world, and I encourage anyone who may have suffered a bad experience to join them. Maybe I sound like an advertiser but I just feel bad when I go through these reviews where people have been conned by their brokers. Give Saxo Bank a try and you won't regret it

Herman Mei 05 June 2017

Advantages: Excellent broker in all areas

Disadvantages: High capital requirements

Comment: As long as you have a sizeable capital above $10,000, Saxo Bank will be the best broker you have ever seen. I have had an account with them for about 2 years now, and after wasting most of my money on smaller brokers, I realize cheap is always expensive. Just think about it, how can you trade full lots with just $100 and still get fooled that is an ECN broker? It's not possible. Saxo Bank do not lie, they always have the best market prices and the spreads are still low, even lower than other STP brokers. Leverage is low, 100:1, but that is how the Forex market should be. In the US it's 50:1 and Japan is 25:1, 100:1 is still very good all things considered. They also have a good name and host many traders, including institutions, and have been in business for decades. The way I see it, you can select that broker with high leverage and bonuses etc. but in the end you're going to lose no matter how good you are. Or you can save your money and invest in a good broker like this one, and you will never leave.


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