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Yevette 09 June 2017

Advantages: Unique features

Disadvantages: MT5 is only for demo

Comment: Some brief info about this company first before I tell you why I think you should join them: they are registered in the British Virgin Islands and in Cyprus. The company has been around since 2006 and they have several accolades. What people don’t seem to be talking about is the PCI feature which lets you create your own trading instruments, which I’ve never seen before on any broker. People are talking about how this broker or the other has many tradable instruments but this feature makes IFCM have an infinite number of instruments. Now to tell you a bit about myself, you may be thinking that I am a representative of the company but I am not. I am just really happy that I found a unique broker that has been good to me. For years I’ve been losing money trying this broker and then the next but I always ended up losing. Now I have been with this broker for almost 6 months and never had a problem anywhere from the money transfer to the actual trading. Everything’s perfect and I just felt I’d share the good news around and recommend this broker as a trader myself who has suffered from bad thieving brokers


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