Weekly Sprint Contest - LiteForex

Want to have more funds that you can use for trading Forex? Then join now the weekly contest presented by LiteForex!

The Weekly Sprint Contest is only available for LiteForex’s Partners. The goal is to be the first to collect 30 lots under his or her referral network.

Start: Monday

End: Friday

Registration Period: Registration begins one week before the start of the next contest

Offer is Applicable: New and existing partners

How to Apply: Register on the contest

To win: Be the first partner to collect 30 lots inside your referral network

Cash Out: Prize may be withdrawn


1 - $200

2 - $100

3 - $50

4-5 - $25

6-10 - $15

11-15 - $10

16-30 - $5

Additional Information: LiteForex reserves the right to cancel the prize if the winner was proven to have used prohibited trading activities.

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